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By Sigrid Olson

Wild Game Grinding


Sigrid Olson, Pathfinder

Part of the wild game processing involves grinding the burger. When grinding burger from wild game, usually a fat like suet, beef or pork is added.

After processing and cutting wild game meat, the grinding process begins for the meat set aside to be made into sausage or burger depending on spices used and fat added.

A clean sanitary work surface is necessary as well as clean implements. An electric grinder with attachments, meat bags, tape and sealer are some things which can be useful during grinding.

Sigrid Olson, Pathfinder

When grinding burger or mixing sausage, special bags are placed on the tube which is filled while the meat is being fed into the top. When full, the bag of burger is twisted and then taped for a good strong seal.

The meat is fed into the top of the grinder and pushed through the blades into a tube.

Clean meat bags are placed on the end of the tube and filled as the ground meat is pushed into the bags.

When full, remove the bag with a twist. The end is placed through a taper which seals the bag. Then the burger can be frozen.

Sometimes hunters prefer to add fats or suet to their meat while grinding. The fat is ground and then mixed with the ground meat. The ground meat and ground fat are then run through the grinder into the bags.

Various sausages include breakfast, Italian, salami and hot. When grinding the meat and mixing in spices and fats, hunters have the opportunity to create the taste and texture to their liking.

Ground meat is versatile and can also be made into jerky or salami as well when made into strips or small rolls and cooked at low temperatures.


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