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By Novaleigh Wilkey
Seeley Lake Elementary, Grade 5 

Spectacular Makerspace Takes Off

Series: Junior Journal | Story 18

Novaleigh Wilkey

SEELEY LAKE - Makerspace is a time for Seeley Lake Elementary (SLE) kids to unleash their creativity. Makerspace is an activity before school, 7-7:55 a.m. This is an activity in the 21st Century Program.  Computer lab teacher Mrs. Holmes is the one who runs Makerspace.

In Makerspace kids make a lot of cool things that take a lot of time. Their names are Bethany Hoag, Chase Haines and Kyle Contreras.

Novaleigh Wilkey

Kyle made a Paracord Bracelet. Kyle said, "I am making this bracelet just for fun."  Bethany helped Kyle with the nice colorful bracelet.

Chase is making a shiny origami bird. Chase was studying the instructions very closely in a big origami book. Then he got to work. He was folding the piece of paper almost every time I came to his station. Chase was making the origami for himself.   

I was a bit surprised about how hard they were focusing on the directions. I'm never that focused. I also was surprised about how the students were so energized. So this is a good opportunity if you're in SLE to unleash your creativity, and everybody needs time to unleash their creativity, even you. 


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