Seeley Swan Pathfinder -

By Sigrid Olson

Wild Game Processing at Home


Sigrid Olson, Pathfinder

Elk meat can be made into various cuts including backstraps, tenderloins, roasts, steaks and smaller pieces can be cut into stew meat or saved to be ground into burger or sausage.

Now that hunting season is in full swing many hunters have bagged their game. With meat hanging in sheds, garages or coolers some hunters choose to process their meat at home.

After properly field dressing the wild game, some hunters use horses, mules, pack boards or game carts to pack out the animal. Sometimes hunters even bone out their meat in order to make a lighter pack and leave the bones in the field.

Wild game can be cut and treated differently than beef. Sometimes the tenderloins and back straps are cut out of elk, deer or moose because wild game is not usually cut into t-bones lik...

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