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By Danielle Sexton
Seeley Lake Elementary, Grade 6 

Meet T-Bone, the 4-H Steer


Danielle Sexton

My name is Danielle Sexton and here is my steer T-Bone!

On Oct. 2, 2016, I went to the Two Creek Ranch to buy my steer for my 2017 4-H market beef project from rancher Wayne Slaght in Ovando. I have wanted to raise a steer most of my 4 years in 4-H. I was too small to raise a steer last year, but this year I am old enough.

Photo provided.

Sadie Smith and I were awarded the Mark Teague Memorial Scholarship which helps us pay for our steers. This opportunity makes me feel really happy and proud.

My sister Gabby Sexton helped me pick out my steer. She told me to look for a flat top, a wide butt that is also flat, and overall just wide. I had a blast going to buy my steer because I learned so much, including how to do a silent auction.

I will walk with my steer almost every day to practice showing him. I need to feed him about 20 pounds of West Feed a day so that he will be right on track so in January at weigh in he will be in the clear. Then I can increase the amount of food to make him bigger. In August we will go to the Western Montana Fair for a week where I will sell my steer in an auction. I am so excited to raise my steer this year.


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