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By Andi Bourne

Drivers Asked to Respect Private Property on South Canyon


Blaze Vandine

Blaze Vandine, property owner on the upper loop of South Canyon Drive in Seeley Lake, had one of his private road signs vandalized Saturday, Sept. 10. A dead skunk was also in his driveway. "I took it as a message," said Vandine.

SEELEY LAKE – When Blaze Vandine purchased land on upper South Canyon Drive 16 years ago he thought he was going to be living on a private road. However since lower South Canyon Drive is not maintained, the upper road is being used as a thru road to access Double Arrow. While not all his neighbors agree that the road should be considered a private road, Vandine asks the public to respect his property and use the lower road.

Vandine's deed of sale reads, "The purchaser and/or owner of the lot of parcel understand and agrees that private road construction, maintenance and snow removals shal...

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Reader Comments

BornAndRaised writes:

The problem is that Mr. Vandine moved to a road 16 years ago that has been used for 40+ years by many people in the neighborhood. In the winter the hill on the far side of South Canyon is virtually impassible due to a sheer ice sheet, so drivers are forced to go on the upper road. Perhaps we could start a community program to help Mr. Vandine find a hobby or some friends. It's got to be an awfully dull life just sitting there counting cars all day.


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