Drivers Asked to Respect Private Property on South Canyon

SEELEY LAKE – When Blaze Vandine purchased land on upper South Canyon Drive 16 years ago he thought he was going to be living on a private road. However since lower South Canyon Drive is not maintained, the upper road is being used as a thru road to access Double Arrow. While not all his neighbors agree that the road should be considered a private road, Vandine asks the public to respect his property and use the lower road.

Vandine's deed of sale reads, "The purchaser and/or owner of the lot of parcel understand and agrees that private road construction, maintenance and snow removals shall be...


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BornAndRaised writes:

The problem is that Mr. Vandine moved to a road 16 years ago that has been used for 40+ years by many people in the neighborhood. In the winter the hill on the far side of South Canyon is virtually impassible due to a sheer ice sheet, so drivers are forced to go on the upper road. Perhaps we could start a community program to help Mr. Vandine find a hobby or some friends. It's got to be an awfully dull life just sitting there counting cars all day.