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By Shane Kesterke
Elder, Mission Bible Fellowship 

The Power of Words


Words have power. Words are a primary method of communication. They can change the destiny of nations, causing war or peace. When spoken, they can stick in our memories for our entire lives, and even beyond as we pass them on to others. When written down, they can survive for centuries and millennia.

The Bible is composed of words. It is God’s message to humans, penned by men, inspired by God Himself, written down, surviving for millennia. And the Bible itself shows the power of words.

In the third verse of the Bible, Genesis 1:3, God spoke the first recorded words “Let there be light,” and those words created light. God’s words had the power to create, and life itself was created by the power of God’s words. So words are good.

But not all words are good - in Genesis 3, Satan disguised as a serpent came to Eve and spoke words that brought death into the world.

Proverbs 18:21 says, “Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits.” Words have power and much Scripture is devoted to stressing the importance and the power of words.

Studies show that we speak, on average, around 16,000 words per day. Some of us maybe more than that, some of us maybe less than that, varying depending on the day but on average around 16,000 words per day.

If you are on the beach or in the desert and pick up a handful of sand, you can hold many grains of sand in your hand. And of those thousands of grains of sand, some will probably fall out, slipping between your fingers, being dropped without much care or thought about where they go. In the case of sand, dropping a few grains is pretty meaningless. But when it comes to our words, dropping a few careless words can have great meaning.

Proverbs 18:24 says, “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts but the tongue of the wise brings healing.”

Sword thrusts hurt. They cut and cause injury and damage, sometimes permanently. Just like sword thrusts, rash or careless words, can injure and cause damage and I’ll bet all of us can remember a time when someone said something hurtful to us, maybe unintentionally, but hurtful nonetheless and that memory can stick with us for years.

Satan brought death with his words, whereas Jesus brought life with His words. Today, this week, remember that your encouraging words can lift someone up and help them make it through the day. Your destructive words can cause deep wounds.

So speak life to and about those who cross your path. There is enormous power in words. If you have words of encouragement, praise or kindness - speak them now to and about others because someone, somewhere, is waiting for your words.

“Gracious words are like a honeycomb, sweetness to the soul and health to the body.” Proverbs 16:24


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