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By Monte Dolack
Missoula, Mont. 

Marx Best Choice for HD92


MISSOULA - Giving support to a political candidate is one made with considerable thought and yes, purpose. I do this as a strong endorsement of Addrien Marx for House District (HD) 92. She has always reflected and acted with purpose in protecting those Montana values that makes this state so unique. Her perseverance has always been directed toward making our rural communities stronger – in economics, resources and education. These are the values we hold closely in this state and Addrien can carry them forward in Helena – for us.

Public lands are threatened. She is the only candidate running in this HD 92 race that will fight against state control and ownership of our public lands!

This is a critical difference on the ballot between candidates. The cliché rhetoric of “taking back our lands,” though they are already ours, is outrageous! Such verbiage holds a hidden agenda of big money and private ownership! The economics and the history of this movement are tragically apparent in other states.

In addition, Addrien will encourage Federal and State funding for firefighting to be separate from land management budgets. Funding is the issue, budgets are the reality that needs to be addressed – not the lack of capabilities within our present management agencies!

Addrien Marx is the ONLY candidate in this race that would continue to support the transparency and restraints of “dark” money. She does not agree with the override of big money or out of state influence and finds this concept “unconstitutional.” She wants voters to be the sole democratic voice, not corporations or out of state millionaires that want to remain anonymous as they dump money into our state campaigns and legislative lobbies to pave their way into public land ownership – and more.

Funding infrastructure is an old banner Addrien has carried to the offices of our representatives in Washington, D.C. a number of times. She knows it is critical for community health, thriving businesses and directed growth. She will continue that work, understanding it at the state level as she has navigated Montana state processes and the challenges having owned and operated a small business for more than thirty years.

Addrien has also taught special education, served on Missoula County High School board, has chaired the Chamber of Commerce, the Community Council, the Historical Museum at Fort Missoula, the Seeley Lake Regional Outdoor Center for Kinetic Sports, the Montana Wilderness Association State Council and much more - while raising four children and owning a business. With her endless energy, I know she is up to the work ahead in Helena. We need to take this opportunity to get a proven leader, one with “heart and soul investment” as our representative.

In my artworks I portray the beauty, mystery and paradox of nature and our human connection to it. Balancing the soul and beauty of nature, its resource values and a sense of rural community is what Addrien has excelled in. That is why I believe that Addrien Marx is our best candidate and deserves your vote.


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