Seeley Swan Pathfinder -

By Rick Ferguson
Condon, Mont. 

A Clash of Cultures


To the left is the future for Montana if Governor Steve Bullock, the Missoula Mayor, his City Council and the Missoula County Commissioners bring unvetted Muslim refugees to Montana as planned. They are all contributing to President Barack Hussein Obama's Muslim pipeline to America, and they are all contributing to Islamic jihad on American soil. Protest this insane proposal and remember these misguided "public servants" on Election Day.

If it's refugees they want, bring those who do not grow up to kill us. Bring those who want to become American citizens and follow our laws and the US Constitution. There is no room for Islamic Sharia Law in Montana or any other state. This boils down to a clash of cultures, and we will lose in the end if they are not stopped now.

Racist? No, this is realistic.


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