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Please Pause for Pets and People


Once again we want to thank all of you who helped make our last bake sale such a success. We must start with the Swansons who donated the beautiful wooden bowls. They were a big hit! The little dog pillow cases were a hit also.

To all who bought and brought the goodies, we are extremely grateful and thank you very much. Now if we can get Brenda to bring 18 carrot cakes the next time, we will have another great sale. The four she brought went great and people wanted more. As with Connie's which comes from Pop's Place. Everyone knows Connie for all her baking. The Deningers, of course you can always count on for goodies. Lynn, your chocolate covered rice krispies were better than mine and more presentable. Thanks also to Mrs. West, Roberta Stroden and Mary Cote. I am sorry if I missed anyone but it is a busy time which we love when we have a bake sale. Again THANKS TO CORY'S VALLEY MARKET.

Deepest sympathy to the owners of Muffy, a Rhodesian Ridgeback, which was a huge dog and 11 years old. Muffy was struck by a large car/rv while walking with her owner on the road. The person driving did not stop! Shame on that person and don't tell me you didn't know it, because it would be like hitting a deer! Do you not have any feelings for doing such an awful thing?  

Thanks to Sandy and Ron, Dave and Cheryl, Tom and Pat for taking care of a sweet, but roam-about, lab. I have spoken to the owner and he is going to work on keeping that sweet dog home!

Thanks to J. for the great visit and nice donation to our fund in Charlie's name.

So I have to get this story out...I am not a perfect dog owner! Upon getting home from Missoula last Wednesday, the baby sitter stated my little dogs had just sat on the deck waiting for me. It was 3 p.m. so I proceeded to put my items away and then I fed my little poodle and Jack. At 4 p.m. they went into the forestland which borders me where they chase squirrels. Just after 4 p.m. this man is knocking on my door, who I know well and is a friend. He is a great supporter of Paws Up and has adopted three dogs from there. I go to greet him and all he says is, "Do you own two little white dogs?"

I was in a stupor, as he knows well I do, so I thought it was a joke. I just stood there looking at him and he repeated it again. Then coming out of lala land I say "Why?" He said, "Because they are at the bottom of the hill."

That got my attention and down the hill we went, and no dogs! We drove back and there on the deck they were. So guess what, now one is tied up and the other loose, and they will exchange positions for a few days because of their one big mistake.

Thank you Rod Stevens for caring! So for you out there, the worm turned on me. I trusted two little dogs once too often. Thumbs down to me!

 Thanks to Dr. Cross coming up to give the 4-H young people's pets and others who brought their pets for their vaccines. Great job all. Dr. Cross stopped at the bake sale and picked up his requested apple pie!

 Please think and protect your children and your pets always and during the Fourth of July holiday!

Happy summer. No children or pets in hot cars!

Go ahead Rod, laugh!

Blessings Elinor Williamson


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