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By Elinor Williamson
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

In Response to Jean Curtiss's Letter


MISSOULA - I was surprised to read the vindictive letter Jean wrote about Stacy Rye. Is Jean afraid of losing her power she has held for to long? If Jean checked she would know Stacy is in Helena Thursday, May 26 trying to get the state to lower the speed limit in Seeley Lake and other smaller communities. There are people going at least 60 miles per hour as they go through our town and I am sure it is that way with other small towns.

Stacy is working for Missoula but also for our small communities. Jean endorses Dave because he is also as Mr. Christensen of Huson says, “Is part of the “tax and spend” crowd.”

Dave supported The Fort Missoula Park and huge soccer complex which only Missoula will profit from and no doubt if elected support the $30 million library. So, we have the trail to Lolo, the new $4 million bridge to make it easier for those who jog the trail or bike the trail, which our little communities pay for but few use.

Then we have the water system which Missoula continues to fight over at a cost of approximately $50 million that all the little communities also pay taxes for.

Could the county commissioners and council shave some of those millions off and fix the small communities’ roads and other desperately needed services?

The county came four blocks up Cedar Lane in Seeley Lake and stopped when they came to a hill. I was told if we on Cedar Lane wanted a maintained road, we would have to pay for it.

Stacy Rye is so reviled by some because she is standing up for our small communities. Jean says as I read from her letter quote, “Staff and other agencies do not have the luxury of taking a public stand against an elected (appointed) official but I do.”

Jean, the City Council has already endorsed Stacy as did Mayor Engen. It is not a luxury to take a stand, it is the right of everyone regardless of who they are!

I did not notice the other commissioners signing of your letter. Perhaps they note the wrath.

Small communities please vote, we need a change! Stacy will stand for you! If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall backward. Our little communities need help. Stacy will listen!

Thank You.


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