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By Andi Bourne

Sunset Celebrates Another Year


Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Sunset students wrote a book for kindergarten graduate Claire Kelley highlighting all the things they liked about her. Pictured (L-R): Reagan Fox, Lucas Nygard, Claire Kelley, Teacher Toni Hatten and Isaac Morse. Not pictured: Hanarose Groom.

GREENOUGH - Sunset School wrapped up the year with the annual program May 26. Claire Kelley celebrated her graduation from kindergarten and the other three students were recognized for their accomplishments throughout the year.

Teacher Toni Hatten said that Sunset School enrollment is "ever changing." While there were five students to start and end the year, they were not the same students.

"Kids cycle in and out and develop friendships very quickly," said Hatten. "They are helpful, supportive, loving and caring towards each other."

Hatten recognized each of the students. Hanarose Groom was not in attendance at the celebration.

• Claire Kelley: "Sunshine" award because she was a bright light in the classroom and "Future Teacher, Mini Me" award because she would be a teacher right now if she could.

• Lucas Nygard: "Mathlete" award for his commitment and dedication to all things math and the "Friendly Neighbor" award for being kind, caring and helpful all year.

• Reagan Fox: "Amazing Artist" award for her artistic talent and "Super Speller – Spelling Power" award since she learned how to spell every word Hatten would give her.

• Isaac Morse: "Right-hand Man" award for offering help whenever help was needed and "Problem Solver" award because of his talent at solving any problem that was given to him.

"We had a fabulous year and I'm proud of everything these kids have accomplished," said Hatten.


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