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What the Duck...part two

Made in America - Fuzzy Logic


So with me at the helm and Ruth navigating, we arrived in Ludington, Michigan at the dock. It was kinda like crossing the border into Canada or Mexico...ya just can't drive up and pull onto the ferry.

There were two check stations to encounter before you drove onto the ferry and parked your vehicle. There was quite a line of vehicles to board, so after perhaps 10-15 minutes we drove up to check station #1. An official Border Patrol type uniformed gal walks outta the little shed, approaches the window of the truck.

"Hello, you folks have any fireworks, firearms and explosives in your vehicle?"

"No Ma'am we do not?"

She looks us over like maybe we're up to no good and says, "Pull up to the next stop and show the gal your license."

As we putt the 100 yards to the next point I hear, "Wait, stop, you in that white truck. Wait, A duck. There's a duck in your truck....Wait."

I stopped and was swarmed by guards as the older gal got to us... "There's a duck in the bed of your truck!!" I looked as casual as I could and said, "What?"

She was quite out of breath bein' kinda heavy. Plus she just sprinted a bit. "There's a duck in the bed of your truck, a duck!!!" She was frantic.

I got out looked at Bill, jumped back and hollered to Ruth, "Ruth, MY GOD, there's a duck back here."

Now I'm not kiddin' we were surrounded and the tourists even got out of their vehicles to see what was up. Ruth looked at Bill and said, "My God Angelo how in the world did that happen?"

The gal in charge of Duck Patrol was beside herself. "We can't have a duck in the truck on the ferry...I don't know what to do."

Ruth and I confessed at this point, "Look'" I said, "This is Bill our duck, he goes with us everywhere...he really is behaved and very well traveled."

Ruth said, "Yep we take him every year, he'll be fine in the bed."

"Yea, but we have no guidelines for ducks; dogs, cats...but nothin' for ducks. I'm not sure what to do."

Meanwhile traffic had stopped behind us and a crowd had gathered to coo at Bill who seemed to be enjoying it. We of course finally, after many consultations among the staff, were allowed to board and the three of us sailed across Lake Michigan to Wisconsin.

For those who want to know, Bill drove back with us alive and well...he was a celebrity of course, and Ruth, bein' Ruth, even bought a stuffed white duck that was on the Mantle of the B&B and we put that in the window of the back seat of the club know so Bill would have a girlfriend to keep his mind off the Duck Plukker next to him in the bed. He lived on at Ruth's ruling the flock.

Editor's Note: This is the final edition of Made in America - Fuzzy Logic by Mule Bit Perkins. Perkins will be pursuing different interests after moving to the Swan Valley in the near future.

We are grateful for his willingness to share his stories for more than two years. His unique style and outlook on life has been entertaining and enjoyable for us and our readers.

Thank you Mule Bit Perkins for writing for us. Your column will be missed!


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