Elect Strohmaier

 I met both 2016 commissioner candidates long before they were candidates and I have chosen to support Dave Strohmaier for the following reasons.

Teamwork to Dave means working together with the other Commissioners to resolve disagreements and make the best decisions for Missoula County. It means developing good working relations with staff members and department heads, motivating staff and department heads to put forth their ideas without fear, developing a consensus or acceptable compromise and moving forward with the group’s decision as doing their best for Missoula. That is in contrast to being condescending, rude or intimidating toward subordinates and peers when trying to promote your idea as the only good one or going around the process to get your way.

Dave developed and practiced supervisory skills under stressful situations as a fire crew supervisor on the Lolo National Forest and for the Bureau of Land Management.  He also understands maintaining good relationships for future efforts.  Burning bridges can be life-threatening, so he learned how to build strong bridges with teammates and maintain them for future efforts.

Dave will say what he thinks in any situation but respects the position and feelings of others – without condescension, rudeness or intimidation to force his point of view.

Dave’s commitment to public service is undeniable.  His terms on the Missoula City Council (chair of Parks and Conservation Committee, and Public Safety and Health Committee); his time on the Historic Eastside Neighborhood Association (some as president); and his campaigns for U. S. Congress in 2012 and the Montana Legislature in 2014.

I strongly support Dave Strohmaier to be our next elected (versus appointed) County Commissioner because I believe his personality and work ethic will improve the public’s perception of the Board of Commissioners to become more positive and restore the Commission’s good relationships with staff and County departments.

C. Burt Caldwell

US Marine, Retired Director Of Manufacturing Operations and concerned Missoula County citizen


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