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By Sigrid Olson

Time for Spring Chickens


Sigrid Olson, Pathfinder

Barred Rock and Rhode Island Red chicks exploring their lawn in Potomac during a sunny afternoon. Whether chicks are hatched from a hen, an incubator or purchased from a hatchery or feed store, the chicks need warmth and shelter, chick starter feed and continual access to fresh, clean water.

In Spring many animals have their young. Female chickens, called hens, hatch their young (chicks) from eggs. Whether newly hatched by a hen, in an incubator or purchased from a feed store or hatchery, chicks need care.

Hens will protect their chicks until the chicks have matured enough to imitate chicken behavior.

If the chicks come from another source and do not have a hen, people become the mother hen for them, talking to the chicks, keeping them protected and warm by using a brooder box.

With new chicks, Western Montana Fair Poultry Superintendent and Regional Poultry Specialist Laura De...

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