Tracing the Stage Route

Part 1

SEELEY LAKE – Condon resident Dick Wolff has the rusty body of a 1928 Model A Ford in his back yard. Wolff and his brothers have been chasing parts and pieces of it from Swan Valley to Helena. They've also been trying to piece together the Ford's history, though it is difficult to separate the Model A's story from the sketchy history of the Seeley Lake and Swan Valley postal service. One thing the brothers know for sure, their Model A is one of the "Stages" used to haul mail, supplies and people between Missoula and Swan Lake in the early 1900s.

The book "Cabin Fever," a collection of stories...


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concord writes:

An interesting and well done article. I remember seeing one of these along the road at Seeley Lake as a boy in the mid 60's and was always fascinated by it and have since wondered where it went. Good luck to the guys rebuilding it. I would like to see it out there somewhere again.

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