Mushing Fever

Junior Journal

Series: Junior Journal | Story 11

by Kaelin Reiley

Seeley-Swan High School Grade 12

I. Night Run

Settin' up with the setting sun.

Pull the snowhook as darkness descends.

Unable to see anything beyond the

halo of your headlamp;

The dogs' breath coming back to you

in little puffs.

The thrill of the run amplified

by the all encompassing night.

II. Frostbite and Other Ailments

Get done with a fifty mile training run and

find that every part of your body aches

and there's a chill down to your bones.

Put the dogs up and give them some baited water;

they can rest while you soak in the tub

'til your fingers are raisins.

That's when yo...


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