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By Andi Bourne

Eagles Fly Through the Copper League


Sequoia Wilber

Terra Bertsch led the Eagle's A Team scoring 22 of the 28 game points. The Eagles beat Clinton 28-8.

SEELEY LAKE - The Seeley Lake Elementary Eagles girl's basketball comes to a close this week. Following their tournament Feb. 6, they played Copper League teams extending their season for a month. As of March 7, they had gone undefeated in the Copper League.

While the Eagles have played Copper League teams in the past, they have never played as a part of the Copper League. The fifth-graders' season ended with the SLE tournament. The 14 sixth through eighth grade girls continued playing. The only thing they are not doing this year is playing in the Copper League tournament.

Head Coach Brett Haines was pleased with the additional games in the Copper League. "We just keep improving," said Haines. "The girls are picking up their game and doing better."

According to Haines, some of the biggest challenges that the team has overcome is making their layups and free throws and learned how to hustle.

"I always tell the girls that in a tight game it is the free throws and layups that win games," said Haines. "And good things always happen when you hustle."

Haines was also pleased with how well the girls are running the plays and improving their defense. "They are playing smarter basketball," said Haines.

Haines highlighted specific improvements by each of the A team players.

Haines said Klaire Kovatch has improved all around in her shooting especially her free throws. "She's such a good rebounder, she's been getting the majority of our shots from the free throw line," said Haines.

Eighth-grader Jordan Johnson has been good on the inside pulling down rebounds and putting up accurate shots as a post. Johnson was unavailable during the SLE tournament due to an injury. Haines felt that had she been able to play, their three-point loss to Charlo in the tournament game may have gone the other way.

Haines identified Terra Bertsch as the team leader. She was the point guard on the A team bringing the ball down and setting up the offense. Haines believed she scored the most points of the season.

Eighth-grader Taylor Dillree was one of Haines' toughest players. "She may not score the most points, or get the most rebounds, but she is scrappy and gets in there at key times and gets the ball."

Sequoia Wilber

Cierra Hinchey led the Eagle's B Team scoring 10 of the 32 game points. The Eagles B Team beat Clinton 32-10.

Haines said that he's really seen seventh-grader Bethany Hoag's confidence grow during the extended season. He said she's been making layups and improving her outside shot.

Sixth-grader Emily Howard is "muscle on the team," said Haines. "She's aggressive and tough and gets in there."

Haines identified Kara Good as his most improved player of the year. "She's getting a lot more aggressive, rebounding well and she's starting to make some shots for us," said Haines. "She's just a great kid with a great attitude."

Kwincy Hansen has been steadily improving on her skills and Haines looks forward to watching her continue to improve.

"I'm really happy about the end of the season," said Haines. "It's been great to see improvement and it has been very encouraging for the girls. They are a really good group of kids that are willing to learn and put the effort out and see improvement."


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