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By Andi Bourne

Community Reflects and Wishes Marx Good Luck


Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Addrien Marx visits with customers and staff while they enjoyed cake and sandwiches and wished her good luck in her new adventures.

SEELEY LAKE – Family, friends and the community at large gave well wishes, hugs and shed tears at the Good Luck and Best Wishes party for Addrien Marx, owner of Rovero's. Greg Tabish of Missoula will officially become the new owner of Rovero's as of March 1.

"It's been such a great day," said Marx between hugs and well wishes from the community.

Marx's family was able to attend the event and reconnect with many people from the community.

Marx's mother Joanne LaPalm remembers when Larry called her and told her he was interested in purchasing Rovero's in 1995.

"I was sure that he always wanted a ranch but he said this is what he was interested in," said LaPalm. "They did a good job."

LaPalm continued, "I'm not surprised Addrien has gone this far. She has always been a go-getter and a sweetheart. She can do anything she puts her mind to."

"It's bitter sweet. It finalizes a chapter of my childhood," said Marx's daughter Laurie Leonard. "It's been a reflective time for family, both the Rovero's family and our family. It's tough to say goodbye and good to show her how much we all love her."

"I'm excited for Mom and the opportunity to focus on new endeavors," said Tom Leonard. "This store has been so important to her as well as the connection to the community."

Seeley Lake resident Ruthie Mizner-Welch said that Marx and her late husband Larry walked their talk. "Their personal integrity was impeccable," said Mizner-Welch. "It's been reflected in the quality and joy of this place."

Ron and Elva Cox, close friends of the Marx family and Seeley Lake residents, said the Marxes were such an integral part of the community for all these years. Not only did they expand Rovero's making it a main business in Seeley Lake but Marx was involved in starting the Seeley Lake Chamber of Commerce, the Seeley Lake Museum and the Seeley Lake Historical Society.

"She's been very supportive of organizations in the community. I can't think of one she didn't support," said Elva.

Ron added, "She's been around here a long time and her footprint will stay a long time."

"Addrien is the best," said Claudia Rameriz who has been working at the deli for the past two years. "I'm thankful because she gave me a job."

Marx's Rovero's family enjoyed sharing stories from their time working at the store.

Manager Norm Sindelar remembers how much more parking was available after Larry had the large warehouse adjacent to the current building removed. "The parking lot still overflows at times such as the 4th of July influx to Seeley Lake festivities," said Sindelar.

Addrien remembers the first Halloween after installing their new security system. They had a blow up skeleton hanging on the ceiling near the heater vent. "Everything was fine until, for some reason at 3 a.m. all the alarms were going, all the police came out, lights were going off, because we had a motion detector. Happy Halloween guys," Addrien said and laughed.

Another story included all the pumps quitting in the middle of the winter. They bagged the pumps. Before they were able to remove the bags after the pumps had been serviced, someone pulled up, pushed back the bag, fueled up and came in to pay.

The cashier asked her what she thought the bags on the pump meant. She responded that she thought it was a new way to winterize the pumps. The cashier was quick to respond that they typically use socks for that. "Oh, OK, that makes sense," said the customer.

Before Rovero's installed bear-proof garbage cans, Addrien remembers getting calls at 5 a.m. from her employees that worked in the deli. They couldn't get in and make bread because the bears were blocking the door.

Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Attendees enjoyed looking at old pictures that were displayed highlighting Marx's family life and all the fun with the Rovero's store family throughout the years.

Other memories include phone calls to the store asking if their driveway on Boy Scout Road needs to be plowed prior to their visit; being asked what the weather is, being told to look out the window to "make sure it's not snowing" and asking what the weather will be for the weekend because "we don't want to camp in the rain" and calling the front desk for assistance back in one of the aisles.

"We are the 401 of Seeley Lake," said Manager Kathy Sindelar and laughed.

Marx's husband Jim McLean said Marx has done an amazing job of balancing work and family for the past six years. He is excited to help her with her candidacy for House District 92 and have more time together.

"I can attest having worked at Rovero's for 14 years that we are a proud bunch of employees with a pride and commitment to this community instilled by Addrien's leadership," said Norm. "Addrien has the executive ability to hire the right people to do the work and the constraint to allow them to perform their duties in a positive and successful manner. In other words she is a joy to work for. We will miss her profoundly at the store while wishing her the future she deserves for continued success."


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