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By Andi Bourne

Snow Sculptures Part of Cabin Fever Cure


Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

"Coming Out of the Cabin Minion Style" by the Seeley Lake 4-H Trailblazers swept the Big Kids/Little Kids category for snow sculptures. Of the 14 entries, nine sculptures were in this category. The Alpine Artisan, Inc. judges were impressed with all the sculptures this year and appreciated the time, talent and effort put in by so many in the community. For more photos see pages 8 & 9.

SEELEY LAKE – The Alpine Artisans, Inc. (AAI) continued their tradition of judging the Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce Winterfest Snow Sculpture competition.

The judges agreed that the competition between the 14 different sculptures was very tight this year. Despite the small amount of snow to work with and rain and snow the day of judging, they were all impressed with the amount of time and talent put into this year's entries.

This year's Winterfest theme was Cabin Fever. Sculptures included snowmen out doing various activities, Snoopy delivering flowers and looking up at the sky, ice fishing, bears and minions sledding. The sculptors chose the category to enter in based on age requirements and ability.

Four AAI volunteers judged the sculptures Friday, Jan. 29. This was following rain the night before, sun in the morning and nearly an inch of snow accumulated on the sculptures by 2 p.m. when they started judging. They all agreed that if a photograph could be included with the sign when the artists were finished, it would be a huge help to the judges.

The two entries in the Adult Professional category both included ice fishing. "The Cure for Cabin Fever" by Pop's Place took the $200 first place prize by a very close margin. The judges thought the detail of the bear ice fishing with the bucket of fish outside of Pop's Place was very well done and included a lot of detail.

Second place and $100 went to Bo Jungers and Daniel Willig's "Ice Fishing" sculpture outside of the Bison and Bear Center. It depicted a fisherman with an incredibly large pike. The judges described it as "visually brilliant," "stood out and could see it from the road" and "I first thought it was a crocodile not a pike."

The three entries in the Adult Amateur category all included snowmen. Kris Gullikson and Kimberly See's sculpture "The Cure" outside of NAPA got their idea for the snowmen doing different winter activities from Pinterest. This was the first time they had participated in the sculptures. The judges thought the use of color and creativity made this sculpture stand out. They took the $200 first place prize and were one of two chosen for the Viewer's Choice Award.

Second place and the $100 for the Adult Amateur category went to "Cabin Fever Turns Your World Upside Down" by Emily Rindal Insurance Agency and Seeley Swan Vacations "Winter Beach" by Rovero's won third and $50 and tied for the Viewer's Choice Award.

Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Kris Gullikson and Kimberly See's "The Cure (for Cabin Fever)" sculpture won the Adult Amateur category for the 2016 snow sculpture competition and tied for the Viewer's Choice Award. Judges thought it was "fun," "eye catching" and "a visual draw for drivers on Highway 83."

The Big Kid/Little Kid category had nine entries. The obvious winner to the judges, receiving a perfect score, was the Seeley Lake Trailblazer's sculpture "Getting Out of the Cabin Minion Style" outside of Seeley Lake 1-Stop. The judges were impressed that it was a 360-degree sculpture. While it was very detailed, the details were large enough to stand up to the weather. One judge said, "I was most impressed with this sculpture. It was brilliant." Another added, "This is the definition of a snow sculpture."

After much discussion, second place was awarded to the "Playful Penguin Cabin" by the Seeley Lake Elementary Snow School Group #4 and third place went to Blake Lindemer and Cera Strumpfer's "Snowpy" outside of Lindey's Prime Steak House. The judges liked the details, coloring and originality of the playful penguins. However, they did not stand up to the weather like Snowpy. The judges liked the clever use of socks for Snowpy's ears and the belt for the collar. It was described as "simple," "beautifully done" and "showed well and pristine when the fresh snow was dusted off."


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