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By Andi Bourne

David Pitman Transportation, LLC

Series: Business of the Week | Story 18

Owner David Pitman's truck and trailer loaded with Pitman Resources skidgine.

Goal: David Pitman Transportation, LLC's goal is to have a truck locally available to haul heavy equipment. Owner David Pitman can haul equipment up to 60,000 pounds including: firefighting and logging equipment, excavators, bull dozers and hay.

History: Pitman worked with his dad and brother for three years contracting out Pitman Resources' skidgine for wildland fire fighting. They were hiring a truck driver to haul their equipment. He realized that while the initial investment was big, being able to haul the skidgine themselves would save them a lot of money in the long run.

Pitman purchased his truck and trailer three and half years ago. While Pitman and his wife Erika have worked around heavy equipment their whole life, he did not have prior commercial driving experience. Pitman got his Commercial Driver's License (CDL) and all the permits and licenses to haul heavy equipment. They branched out from Pitman Resources starting the new LLC.

The Pitmans operate David Pitman Transportation out of their home in Seeley Lake. They do not have any employees. They hope to purchase a larger trailer in the future to give them the ability to haul larger equipment than they currently can now.

Products & Services: David Pitman Transportation primary job during the fire season is transporting Pitman Resources' skidgine on wildland fires across the western United States. When it is not being used for fire, Pitman's truck and trailer is licensed and insured to haul heavy equipment up to 60,000 pounds. Pitman is willing to haul anything within his truck and trailer's size and weight requirements, including moving fifth wheel trailers.

For More Information: David Pitman Transportation can be reached by calling 406-210-3041. Pitman is available evenings and weekends and is willing to haul wherever the project takes him.


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