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By Hunter Shelmerdine
Seeley-Swan High School Freshman 

Wolves: What to Do

Junior Journal

Series: Junior Journal | Story 7

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Hunter Shelmerdine

When you hear the word wolf what is the first thing that comes to mind? A voracious killer that will kill you just to see you die? Or, a cute, harmless dog that resembles your family pet? Or a mammal like all of us trying just to survive on this land, where certain groups of people want them eradicated? Wolves need to be kept in our ecosystem for generations to come and not go back to the times where the massive eradication of wolves was not only accepted, but encouraged by the federal government.

According to Montana writer Douglas Chadwick in his 2010 National Geographic story, "Wolf Wars...

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Reader Comments

moondance writes:

Well done, Hunter. The science overwhelmingly supports the importance of wolves in maintaining ecological stability. Wolves actually help promote healthy game populations over the long haul. For more information about these amazing animals and their value to humans, visit the International Wolf Center website at Here you can read the truth behind the myths surrounding wolves, such as wolves killing for sport, which is totally untrue. Thanks, Hunter, for a good rational report.


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