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By Craig Wilson Pastor
Mission Bible Fellowship 

Fresh Snow, Fresh Start


I love the beauty of a fresh covering of snow. After several days without a new snowfall, the ground begins to look muddy, full of tire tracks and various debris covers the surface. Once a new layer of fresh snow covers the ground once again the beauty starts all over again.

As we get ready to step into a new year, I am reminded of the importance of a fresh start. The beginning of a brand new year shows us that we can start over. We may have fallen into bad habits, experienced personal trials or feel stuck. Standing on the doorstep of 2016, the arrival of the New Year can be a reminder that a fresh start is possible.

More than anything else a clean, fresh layer of snow is a picture of the forgiveness we have because of Jesus Christ. In His love and mercy, God desires for us to have a fresh start. In the Bible, Isaiah paints an image that we can relate to, “Come now, let us reason together,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow.” (1:18)

The only way to face each New Year with hope is to rest in the love relationship we can have with God because of Jesus. This is the greatest fresh start that God has provided for us. Knowing that we have genuine hope and the certainly of everlasting life, we can face each year with security.

From there, each New Year becomes a hopeful reminder that we can face struggles and challenges knowing that we belong to Christ. It is much better to address bad habits, personal hurts and painful trials knowing that our Savior understands our struggles and listens to our prayers.

Likewise, because Jesus has broken the chains of sin and death, we are no longer helpless to face our worries or shortcomings. Just as a new clean snow makes everything fresh again, Christ gives us the grace and power to start over.


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