By Andi Bourne

Republic Services Takes Over Transfer Station Management


SEELEY LAKE - As of Dec. 1, the Seeley Lake Refuse District Transfer Station is under the operation and management of Republic Services of Montana. They signed a 12-month contract with Missoula County that can be renewed annually for up to three years. Republic Services said their goal is to continue performing all duties necessary to safely and successfully operate and manage the transfer station and provide safe, convenient and reliable service to the Seeley Lake community.

The purpose of the Seeley Lake Refuse District Transfer Station, located at 2698 Woodworth Road, is to control storage, collect and dispose of solid waste and promote improvement of disposal and/or recycling within the district. Missoula County owns the site.

In September 2015, Missoula County initiated an open bid process for the management of the site. Asked by the commissioners to privatize parts of the public works, Missoula County Chief Officer of Public Works Greg Robertson felt the transfer station was a viable candidate.


Republic Services was the only company that bid on the contract. Republic Services manages over 200 transfer stations in the US and three other similar facilities in Montana. Missoula County Commissioners awarded them the contract for up to $10,835 per month at their Oct. 7 meeting.

Under the contract, Missoula County maintains ownership of the transfer site. Republic Services is required to follow adopted county policies and manages the day-to-day operations and maintenance of the facility.

Republic Services Account Manager Jennifer Bernosky wrote in an email that Republic Services bid on the contract because, “Republic Services has the experience, resources and personnel to support the county facility and manage it effectively going forward.”

Bernosky continued, “The County has done a wonderful job managing the transfer station. Republic Services management of the site will be overseen by an experienced, tenured operations manager with the tools and resources to continue supporting and improving the operation of the facility.”

Republic Services retained the two full-time employees in an effort to provide a seamless transition and benefit from the experience and relationships the existing employees have with the Seeley Lake community. They do not plan to hire additional employees at this time.

Bernosky wrote that initially Republic Services would not be making any operational changes. This includes maintaining the current salvage rules, taking items out of the bins will continue to be prohibited. However, they will listen to feedback and work with the evolving needs of the community to evaluate the operation in the future.

“We will continue to operate a well-run site and are always seeking ways to improve safety, convenience and operational efficiency,” wrote Bernosky.

For more information, questions or concerns call Republic Services Missoula Customer Service Office at 406-543-3157.


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