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By Colleen Kesterson

Swan Valley School Presents Christmas Program


Colleen Kesterson, Pathfinder

The entire Swan Valley Elementary student body comprised of preschoolers to eighth graders presented "Christmas Sock Rock". The students hid the socks until a specified time in the song, then at the end they threw their Christmas socks on the floor to laughter and applause from the audience.

SWAN VALLEY - Thursday, Dec. 10, the Swan Valley Elementary School (SVE) students from preschool to eighth grade presented their Christmas program entitled Holidays Around the World.

Music teacher Kaytee Ambrozich, who replaced retired SVE music teacher Bob Green, told the audience that her students had learned a lot about music, worked hard and some were willing to learn a new instrument when the music required it.

Contemporary and non-traditional Christmas songs sung and played by the SVE students, choir and bands filled the gym. A number called "Christmas Sock Rock" was presented by the whole student body. The students had Christmas socks hidden behind their backs as they sang. At a specified time they all held up their socks and at the end of the song threw them on the floor which brought laughter and applause from the audience.

Director Kaytee Ambrozich directs the fourth and fifth grade band. Chris Auchenbach watches the director for his time to play the xylophone during their rendition of "Ode to Joy". L-R: on the piano, Kyla Conley, Auchenbach, Connor Matthew, Jalen Kauffman and Mara Beckstrom.

One of the songs played by the sixth through eighth grade band was called, "Taking My Walrus for a Walk." Ambrozich explained to the audience that the students were learning about the beat in the piece. When they finished they walked off stomping to the beat of the music they had just played.

The kindergarten through eighth grade assembled onstage and concluded the concert with "Everybody Say Peace."

Santa got the attention of those at the concert when he entered the room and loudly said, "Ho, Ho, Ho". He took his seat on the stage and soon had a long line of children waiting their turn to visit with him. The children told Santa their Christmas wishes and received a bag of goodies from him. The bags of treats were purchased and assembled by the SVE Parent Teachers Association.


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