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Rememberin' Back When - Part 2 Turkey in the Straw, or Car or Post Office

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Back in those times, early 70s, we lived in a small rural village somewhat akin to Ovando. We lived in town in the old parsonage. That didn't stop me from bringing home mules, cattle, horses and of course turkeys. Along with my full time work at the mill, I thought if I raised some turkey poults I might make some extra cash. I did this for many years until it dawned on me it was not the money makin' venture I envisioned and yes sometimes I am a slow learner.

So it was that mornin', as I fed the flock and left for work, the poults had grown quite well and I was pretty proud of myself. I am a little absent minded so of course I left the gate to the pen open and went to work. It took the turks about two minutes to realize the door was open and I'm sure they walked out within 90 seconds of my departure.

By the time I got to work my wife had called work and said the turks were out, all 40 of 'em. I said what any responsible stock owner would say, "Well put 'em back in."

Now this was my first wife. Kat as you know has fantastic turkey herding skill so the forthcoming crises would have been averted.

Well, she did try to no avail. I was 40 minutes away so after a few futile attempts I said leave 'em till I get home.

Well, as she puttered in the house, the phone rang. "Uh Mrs. Pecora, this is the Gregory Post office...uh I believe your turkeys are here." Now this was a good quarter mile so the wife grabbed a broom to help herd and walked out onto the porch.

Two turks were swinging on the porch swing and one was in her car since the window was open. That meant 37 were somewhere 'tween home and town. When she walked to town turks were scattered in yards, on porches and twelve inside the post office just hangin' out.

Two hours later they were at least on our property and the PO was a disaster of course.

No charges were filed and from then on I was the Uptown Turkey Farm.


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