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SSHS Recognizes Fall Athletes


Lisa Maughan

The 2015 SSHS Cross Country Team at the State Meet.

The Seeley-Swan High School (SSHS) fall sports awards banquet was held Nov. 17 at Seeley-Swan High School. The banquet was held to present varsity letters, pins, chevrons, All-Conference and Academic All-State awards to members of the SSHS varsity fall sports team members.

2015 SSHS Cross-Country

Name Grade Awards

Stephanie Robbins 12 Pin; Academic All-State; All-State

Cera Strumpfer 11 Chevron; Academic All-State; All-State

Elizabeth Done 10 Chevron; Academic All-State

Cameron Haines 10 Chevron; Academic All-State

Logan Maughan 10 Letter & Pin; Academic All-State

Lane Mackie-Wendel 9 Letter & Pin

Logan Robinson 9 Letter & Pin

2015 SSHS Football

Jordon Blodgett 12 Letter & Pin; All-Conference

Joshua Cahoon 12 Chevron; Academic All-State; All-Conference

Joshua Grace 12 Pin; Academic All-State

Jacob Haley 12 Chevron; Academic All-State; All-Conference

Seth Linford 12 Chevron; Academic All-State; All-Conference

Hunter Mincey 12 Chevron

Elaina Robinett 12 Chevron; Academic All-State

Matt Teague 12 Chevron; Academic All-State

Jesse Weis 12 Chevron; Academic All-State

Daniel Willig 12 Chevron

Quinton Johnson 11 Chevron

Bo Jungers 11 Chevron

Eli King 11 Chevron

Shane Lindemer 11 Chevron

Serena Loney 11 Chevron

Gavin Mercado 11 Chevron; Academic All-State

Bradley Miller 11 Chevron

Mitch Parcell 11 Letter & Pin

Jenna Harnish 10 Manager Pin

Logan Maughan 10 Chevron; Academic All-State

Jasen Sokoloski 10 Chevron

Mark Teague 10 Chevron

Justin Thomas 10 Chevron

Chance Johnson 9 Letter & Pin; Academic All-State

Hunter Shelmerdine 9 Letter & Pin; Academic All-State

Hunter Sokoloski 9 Letter & Pin; Academic All-State

Gunner Sloan 9 Letter & Pin

Bryce Stidham 9 Letter & Pin

James Webb 9 Letter & Pin

All-Conference awards are selected by District 8C (Football) and District 9C (Volleyball) coaches. Academic All-State awards are presented to student athletes who maintained a 3.5 or better grade point average and earn a varsity letter in athletics during the same academic quarter.

2015 SSHS Volleyball

Paige Holmes 12 Chevron; Academic All-State; All-Conference; All-State

Delaney Holzworth 12 Letter & Pin; All-Conference

Tyana Murphy 12 Chevron

Kyndee Schmitz 12 Chevron

Alex Bohlman 11 Chevron; Academic All-State; All-Conference

Nathan Bourne, Pathfinder

The 2015 SSHS Volleyball Team at Divisional Tournaments.

Tessa Grimes 11 Pin

Stevi Meade 11 Chevron; Academic All-State

Mary Strumpfer 11 Pin; Academic All-State

Lana Higgins 10 Manager Pin

Wrangell Parcell 10 Manager Pin

Gabby Sexton 10 Chevron

Andi Bohlman 9 Letter & Pin; Academic All-State

Ariana Castillon 9 Manager Pin

Ashley Miller 9 Letter & Pin; Academic All-State

Autumn Morse 9 Letter & Pin; Academic All-State


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