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By Colleen Kesterson

Seed Money Needed for Local Non-Profit Organic Farm

Fairytale Farms


Photo provided.

Owners of Fairytale Farms Sarah and Boaz Mendenhall.

SWAN VALLEY – Fairytale Farms is seeking funds to get started with the process of becoming a non-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization that offers organic produce (grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides). Fairytale Farms is currently located on Glacier Creek Road.

The mission of the newly-formed organization, composed of a board of directors and executive committee, is to provide access to organic food and gardening education for those in need. CEO Sarah Mendenhall said, "[The farm] will increase the availability of locally produced organic food."

According to Mendenhall, the organization would like to begin next spring giving out food baskets to local families, seniors and veterans who qualify. Guidelines for qualification were set by the organization at 150 percent of federal poverty levels. For example, a family of four who earns less than $36,000 a year would be eligible for a free basket.

"Produce will be made available to those who don't qualify at local farmers' markets," said Mendenhall.

Other goals for the organization include a community lending library focusing on sustainable agriculture and a community seed bank where member obtain and exchange organic seeds.

To get off the ground, the organization has some needs. The farms' operations will rely on grants and donations from the public. Volunteers are needed to help with the functioning and maintenance of the farm.

The organization hopes to obtain land in a central location where the farm can function and be readily accessible to the public. Fairytale Farms is looking for investors to supply start up funds so the organization is able to apply for financial aid and to obtain a certified naturally grown label.

Mendenhall would like to teach classes on organic gardening to those who are interested.

She said, "Anyone can grow a tomato! I will also share my composting secrets."

Mendenhall said there is much evidence pointing to the idea that small-scale organic farming is the solution to the world's hunger versus the large agricultural practices of today. She said she disagrees with the idea that the genetic engineering of plants to make them resistant to herbicides, pesticides and other practices to create high-yield is the answer to world hunger.

She cited a website from the United Nations Commission on Trade and Development found at She encouraged those interested in these concepts to research more about organic farming and genetically engineered products.

Mendenhall said she agrees with the Native American's reverence for the earth and their seventh generation principle which says, "in every decision be it personal, governmental or corporate, we must consider how it will affect our descendents seven generations into the future."

To help raise funds, Fairytale Farms is hosting a fundraiser at the Seeley Lake Community Hall Friday, Oct. 23 from 6 - 10 p.m. There will be live music, games and raffle prizes.

To contribute to Fairytale Farms Inc. startup costs, which has reached 11 percent of their $5,000, goal, visit

For more information email or call 406-754-8811.


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