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  • Seeley-Swan student attends Business Professionals of America National Leadership Conference in Chicago

    Michele Holmes, Seeley-Swan High School BPA Advisor|May 23, 2024

    When Hattie Batchelder was a freshman, she had no idea what BPA was. She just wanted to participate in more clubs. She thought it was some sort of after-school class with a focus on business that was just a Montana thing. After four years of participating in Business Professionals of America, Batchelder's learned, competed and traveled to two national competitions, one in Anaheim, California - where Batchelder and friends placed eleventh in the nation in a podcasting category about an episode...

  • Condon voters approve general fund, technology levies

    Keely Larson, Editor|May 23, 2024

    Condon voters approved two levies the Swan Valley Elementary School Board put on May ballots. Just a little over $20,000 will be added to the school’s budget, about $10,000 into the general fund and about $10,000 for a technology fund, which the school didn’t have before presenting the technology levy to voters. The timing of voted levies across the state couldn’t have been worse in many cases. For Condon voters, the early-March announced levy was right before extra property tax bills were sent out by Missoula County and just before the annou...

  • Get to know your legislators running for office

    Keely Larson, Editor|May 16, 2024

    Primary election ballots were mailed to Montana residents on May 10. The Pathfinder reached out to the 12 candidates running for state House and Senate seats that are relevant to Seeley-Swan area residents to ask them a handful of questions to help voters better understand their prospective legislators. After the decennial redistricting, new maps were drawn by the Montana Districting and Apportionment Commission in 2023. That prompted a new district for Seeley Lake, which now lies in House... Full story

  • Seeley Elementary, Clearwater Resource Council receive Missoula County Rural Impact Grants

    Keely Larson, Editor|Apr 25, 2024

    Two Seeley Lake organizations - Seeley Lake Elementary School and the Clearwater Resource Council - have received the full amount possible - $4,000 - from Missoula County through the Rural Impact Grant program. This program is intended for groups like community councils, nonprofits and schools to be used for projects that "enhance the quality of life" in rural Missoula County. Last year, the Seeley Lake Lions Club received funding from this grant to hire swimming instructors and the Potomac Scho...

  • Condon voters to decide on school levies

    Keely Larson, Editor|Apr 18, 2024

    For the first time in 12 years, Swan Valley School in Condon is presenting voters with two levies to vote on. A combination of factors like rising costs, increased need for technology to support education, a drop in enrollment and the loss of ESSER funds — money provided during the covid-19 pandemic to support schools — led to a general fund and technology levy to be presented to voters in a special election on May 7. “​​Our school has navigated the difficulties of staffing needs, the rising costs associated with maintaining a high standard...

  • County school budget cuts fall easier on Seeley-Swan High

    Keely Larson, Editor|Feb 22, 2024

    Seeley-Swan High School faces significantly less budget cuts than the three Missoula high schools after the Missoula County Public Schools Board of Trustees supported the school district administration’s budget plan. Business Director at Missoula County Public Schools Pat McHugh said the budget cuts are the result of an unfortunate combination of three different things: an anticipated reduction in ESSER funds — or emergency funding given to schools during the Covid-19 pandemic to help maintain staff — inflation; and growing special educa...

  • Seeley Council discusses bridge projects, micro grants

    Hattie Batchelder, of the Pathfinder|Jan 25, 2024

    The January community Council Meeting provided updates for the Seeley Lake bridge projects. Shane Stack, the Missoula County Public works director, said he feels confidence in various grant applications, letters of support from local people and organizations are still being welcomed to build a better application for grant money to construct the bridges in need. All letters are needed back by Feb. 9, in order to submit an application for a grant from RAIN (Rebuilding America’s Infrastructure with Sustainability and Equity) which is due on F...

  • Sheriff starts 24 hour area coverage

    Griffen Smith, of the Pathfinder|Nov 9, 2023

    The Missoula County Sheriff's Office has increased its number of deputies working in Seeley Lake and will have someone on patrol in the area at all hours - the first time in recent memory. Sheriff Jeremiah Petersen told the Pathfinder that starting Nov. 1 there will be at least one deputy on duty in the Seeley Lake area. The Pathfinder previously reported the sheriff's office had been short staffed and failed to replace two open resident jobs in Seeley Lake. After another failed search to find a...

  • GOP strategy to help the housing crisis is to increase homeowner property taxes

    Monica Tranel, Western Montana congressional candidate|Aug 24, 2023

    Across western Montana, people are being squeezed out of their homes and communities by rising prices. Teaching positions go unfilled – and no one is applying to fill them because a $40k salary - the high end of starting teacher salaries in Montana, doesn’t afford a home, even if you’re lucky to find a house for sale in rural places like Seeley Lake. The 2023 Montana GOP had a super-majority and a $2.9 billion surplus, thanks to federal democratic policies. Armed with power and money, the Montana GOP imposed a permanent tax increase on resid...

  • Missoula County: Don't wait to appeal your property appraisal

    Andrew Czorny, Chief Financial Officer, Missoula County|Jul 13, 2023

    Did you recently receive a letter from the Montana Department of Revenue? It’s not a tax bill from Missoula County. It’s an appraisal notice the state DOR issues showing the current assessed value of your property. DOR, not Missoula County, calculates this value every two years, which is an important factor in determining the property taxes you’ll owe this year. Those property taxes help fund several jurisdictions you live in, including the county. Your notice has two key numbers: the updated assessed value of your property and the estim...

  • Seeley Lake, Swan Valley and Potomac show colors at Copper League Meet of Champions

    Asa Thomas Metcalfe|Jun 1, 2023

    On a mild but sunny Tuesday morning the qualifying athletes of Montana's Copper League for track and field had their final competition, the Meet of Champions held at the outdoor facilities of Missoula Public Schools Stadium in Missoula. The Copper League Meet of Champions is the highest tier of competition for middle school grades (six-eight) in track and field. Schools from the Bitterroot and Missoula County area meet to race, and throw in their final bids for top place. Seeley Lake...

  • Archives

    May 4, 2023

    Thirty-five years ago in 1988... Thursday, May 5, 1988 Boys State delegates chosen Every year high schools throughout the state choose two junior boys from their school to represent them at Boys State. This year it will be held in Dillon from June 12-18. Chosen to represent Seeley-Swan High School at Boys State this year will be Dustin Gordon, son of Les and Gayle Gordon and Ron Gossard, son of Boyd and Pat Gossard. The purpose of Boys State is to teach these youth about state government. To...

  • Fire Board candidates have their say at Seeley Lake Community Council meeting

    Asa Thomas Metcalfe|Apr 20, 2023

    Seeley Lake Rural Fire District Board candidates sparred in a short open forum discussion at the Seeley Lake Community Council meeting on Monday, April 10. Each candidate was given a short time to introduce themself and explain why they are running for the fire board seat as well as explain a little bit of their platform and proposed changes. "This has been a long-term life commitment to fire and medical because it's one of the ways I give back to the community," said Scott Kennedy, the...

  • Public comment period opens on gravel project near Elbow Lake

    Deptartment of Natural Resources and Conservation|Mar 16, 2023

    The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation is seeking public comment on an aggregate take and remove permit application to mine, crush, and remove aggregate (gravel) on approximately 21 acres of State Trust Land near Elbow Lake in Missoula County. The application also includes a request to have an asphalt plant on site. The permit application has been submitted by LHC, Inc. "Input from the local community is one of the factors we consider when working through the analysis and... Full story

  • Seeley Lake youth one of 21 students nominated in the state

    For the Seeley Swan Pathfinder|Dec 15, 2022

    WASHINGTON, D.C. - Owen Hoag, of Seeley-Swan High School, was announced as one of the 21 students in Montana nominated by U.S. Senator Jon Tester to the country’s four prestigious military service academies. Owen is nominated to the U.S. Military Academy. The announcement was made in a press release on Thursday, Dec. 8, noting that Owen is captain of the football team and a track and field 200-meter dash state champion. He is also a junior member of Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue, a student trustee for the Missoula County Public Schools Board, a...

  • Student businesses ready to launch at Blackhawk BIZ Market Day

    Pathfinder Staff|Dec 1, 2022

    SEELEY LAKE - The Seeley-Swan High School Entrepreneur Class has been talking about Market Day since the first day of school. Now their mini businesses are a reality and will make their debut during the second annual Blackhawk BIZ Market Day from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Saturday, Dec. 10, in the SSHS Cafeteria. The high school students are excited to offer their homemade goodies, hand-made crafts, jewelry and apparel, and unique art created from various mediums. With the class size more than doubling...

  • Seeley-Swan takes weather in stride

    Gwyneth Hyndman, Interim Editor|Nov 17, 2022

    By Gwyneth Hyndman The Seeley-Swan area was dealt a winter weather warning last Wednesday morning, Nov. 9, along with much of western Montana, as road crews, law enforcement and local schools braced for the abrupt - though not entirely unwelcome - change of seasons. “It’s been a pretty steady snowfall,” said Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS) Communications Specialist Tyler Christensen. While last week’s winter weather also prompted MCPS to cancel all after-school athletics and activities in most of the county, Seeley-Swan High School...


    Nov 3, 2022

    Support for Bill Burt If you feel everything is going along just fine in the Justice of the Peace field in Missoula County, then you should vote for the status quo in the upcoming election. But, if you feel common-sense, compassion, integrity, and fairness should be applied to a much greater extent than it is now, you should consider voting for Bill Burt for Justice of the Peace in Department #1. He has all the traits and background that would enable him to utilize the current jail diversion program without endangering our communities by...


    From Jenny Kauffman Condon Librarion The November Condon Library Book Chat is about “Down from the Mountain, the life and death of a grizzly bear” by Bryce Andrews We meet at the library at 1pm. Nov. 9. This is the description on the back of the book: An “ode to wildness and wilderness” (Outside), Down from the Mountain tells the story of one grizzly in the changing Montana landscape. Millie was cunning and a fiercely protective mother to her cubs. But raising those cubs in the mountains became harder each year as the climate warmed and peo...


    Oct 27, 2022

    Housing project falls short The Trinity Housing project on Mullan next to the Missoula County Detention Center has not lived up to its promises and expectations. This was supposed to be a collaboration between the city, the county and HomeWord. HomeWord brought in Blue Line Developers for their expertise. Missoula County Commissioners agreed to gift almost 5 acres of county taxpayer owned land adjacent to the Missoula County Detention Center to make this project affordable. The land was purchased with taxpayer funded bonds to build the...


    Oct 13, 2022

    (EDITOR'S NOTE: As a service to our readers, The Pathfinder invited candidates running for area offices to submit a picture of themselves and answer the questions below. We encourage all Americans to be as educated as possible about candidates and issues. The comments here are not necessarily those of any Pathfnder employees and were posted in random order.) Election Guide questions: 1) Short bio (age, education, career, family, etc.) 2) Why you are running for this position, or if incumbent,...

  • What's new at school this year?

    Susan Monahan, Pathfinder|Sep 8, 2022

    SEELEY LAKE – The 2022-23 school year is in full swing with area schools opening their doors last week. Potomac Elementary School has two new teachers and a few open positions. Seeley-Swan High School was able to fill the Science Teacher position at the last minute. The Swan Valley Elementary School had no staff changes. For the past couple of years students have enjoyed the free breakfast and lunch programs funded by the Federal government due to COVID. Those programs have ended with the start of school this year. Seeley-Swan High School Princ...

  • Community Briefs

    Sep 1, 2022

    SSHS hires science teacher for 2022-2023 SEELEY LAKE – An 11th hour email and Seeley-Swan High School has a science teacher for the 2022-23 school year. Debbie Jackson will start her teaching career with SSHS this fall, said Shawn Holmes, principal. “I’m so happy to welcome Debbie Jackson into the SSHS community as our new science teacher,” Holmes said. Jackson contacted Holmes about the open broad field science teaching position last Friday and as of Wednesday she was hired. “Our [Missoula County Public Schools] human resources departmen...

  • Judge tosses lawsuit against SSHS and MCPS

    Susan Monahan, Pathfinder|Aug 25, 2022

    MISSOULA – The discrimination lawsuit against Missoula County Public Schools (MCPS) was dismissed last week. In February 2022, MCPS filed a request for summary judgment to dismiss the suit brought against Seeley-Swan High School (SSHS) and MCPS by Owen Mercado and his mother Deidre Lechowski-Mercado in January 2021. The plaintiffs sought $2.4 million in damages. Dana L. Christensen, United States District Court Judge for the District of Montana Missoula Division, stated in a brief filed Aug. 15 that the disputed facts need not be reviewed s...

  • County to Condon - You get more than you pay for

    Nathan Bourne, Pathfinder|Aug 25, 2022

    SWAN VALLEY - Officials from Missoula County presented information on property taxes, how taxes fund road maintenance and answered questions about the quality of maintenance in the area at the Swan Valley Community Council meeting Aug. 16. The Council also discussed the open Council seat and how it will be filled. New Council member Grace Siloti questioned some of the Council’s recent activity and transparency. Missoula County Treasure Tyler Gernant explained that property taxes are the primary source of funding for local governments in M...

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