Seeley Swan Pathfinder -

Photos from: Building a legacy of service and philanthropy

Pathfinder file photo

The Seeley Lake Community Foundation hosted and cooked for the "Fire's Out" Community BBQ Sept. 23, 2007 following the Jocko Fire. The Pathfinder reported more than 300 attendees. Board member Addrien Marx made the flame-print aprons with the Seeley Lake Community Foundation and their name on the patch. "Up until then, some in our community felt like we were only for a certain class of folks in Seeley," said Loren Rose. "But organizing that event and being able to serve burgers to everyone proved that we were truly a 'community foundation.' There is something humbling about serving others and being served that is healthy." Pictured (L-R): Seeley Lake Community Foundation Board Members Loren Rose, Mark Williams, Carolyn Mehl, Kevin Wetherell, and Stan Nicholson along with event committee members Jackie Daniel and Kathy White.

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