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  • Blackfoot Rendezvous breakin' records, havin' fun in the sun

    Sigrid Olson, Pathfinder|Jul 4, 2019

    POTOMAC - The second annual Blackfoot Rendezvous was a screaming success according to the Explorers Parent Group that hosted the event. "We made more than $4,000 this year, thanks to our generous cash donors and food donations we received," said Explorers parents Michelle Dunn and Jenny Clark. The event was created to raise funds for the Potomac School Explorers Program. Explorers takes place Fridays during the school year since Potomac School has a four-day school week. More than 450 people att...

  • Potomac School updates for next school year

    Sigrid Olson, Pathfinder|Jul 4, 2019

    POTOMAC - Potomac School is ready for 2019-2020 school year with rearranged staff positions, new staff coming on and updates to the school facilities. Security measures remain in place with security cameras and door buzzers to control who enters the school buildings. The school board continually looks through and updates safety policies including scheduling armed intruder drills. Staff receive appropriate training to create a safety zone for the students. Several staff changed positions for next year. The teacher for fourth/ fifth combined...

  • Bob Marshall's epic trip of 1928: The final two days

    Steve Lamar, Upper Swan Valley Historical Society|Jul 4, 2019

    A legendary advocate for wild country, 27-year-old Bob Marshall hiked an astounding 288 miles in eight days during the summer of 1928. Much of his arduous backcountry trip took place in the wilderness that would later bear his name. Over the years I have explored and hiked much of the area in the Mission Mountains that Bob Marshall visited during the final two days of his trip 91 years ago. I climbed most of the mountains he climbed and camped in the same area he camped. While Bob Marshall...

  • Nurse veteran looks at changes

    Betty Vanderwielen, Pathfinder|Jul 4, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE – "Things were a lot different then," Ruth Stebleton said, thinking back on the years from 1968 to 1970 when she served as a nurse in the U.S. Army. White shoes, white socks, white Army cap in place of her traditional white cap – that was the required attire for women nurses in that era. Basic training was also different for Stebleton, though some of that was fortuitous. When she reported to Camp Bullis in San Antonio, Texas, the barracks were already filled to capacity, so she and s...

  • Bob Marshall Music Fest looks towards a brighter future

    Skylar Rispens, Pathfinder|Jul 4, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - The Bob Marshall Music Festival celebrated its fourth year in Seeley Lake by bringing people from all across Montana to the event in the name of music. This year, the event was organized by Lewis & Clark Brewing Company of Helena, Mont. Event organizers with Lewis & Clark Brewing Company estimated that between 700-800 people attended the event this year. Beth and Mark Mogensen traveled from Victor, Mont in the Bitterroot Valley to attend the festival for a second time. The couple...

  • Thank our medical providers instead of criticizing them

    John Meyer, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Jul 4, 2019

    I take offense at last weeks letter to the editor titled “Clinic essential service.” If I am reading this correctly, this individual does not believe that clinic staff should be able to take a lunch break and he was personally inconvenienced by the fact that the clinic is closed around lunch. I know for a fact that many times staff work through their lunch for emergencies, appointments that run over time and prepare for a busy afternoon of appointments (scheduled and unscheduled). I also am aware of the fact that several of the staff work long...

  • Too much of one thing

    Ken Silverstro PhD|Jul 4, 2019

    You might be familiar with the country western song "Too Much Fun." The singer asks: "What's that mean? It's like too much money; there's no such thing." These lines are certainly misleading. Can a person have too much fun, or too much money, or too many friends, or too much bad luck, or too much of ... You can fill in the blank with anything that comes to mind and then ask if it's a problem. I suspect that most people would answer that there's no problem with too much...if it's considered...

  • 2019 Senior farmers' market coupons now available

    Linda Howard, Resource Specialist, Seeley-Swan Resource Center|Jul 4, 2019

    Happy Fourth of July! Along with our gorgeous summer weather, we in the Seeley-Swan Valley have something new to celebrate! Seniors who are 60 years of age and older, residents of Missoula County and meet federal income guidelines can receive 2019 SENIOR FARMERS' MARKET NUTRITION PROGRAM COUPONS. This year they can be spent at the Seeley Lake Market! As in the past, these coupons can also be spent at the Missoula Farmers' Markets. The Seeley Lake Market 2019 is open every Sunday through Sept. 1...

  • Encouraging native plants and bolting lettuce

    Molly Hackett, Master Gardener|Jul 4, 2019

    Q: How do we encourage native plants like lupine, Oregon grape and arnica for a natural yard? We keep an area unmowed, and we also need to think about fire resistance. A: I am assuming that you have some native plants in the area now, that you want to have more of what you have, and possibly more variety. The existing plants obviously like their growing conditions, so it should be fairly easy to encourage them to spread. The ones that you mentioned like some sun, some shade. Wherever there are...

  • Safety top priority for Seeley Lake parade

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Jul 4, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE – "There is a lot going on during the parade and I've eye-witnessed several close calls," said Steve Felix, Missoula area maintenance chief with the Montana Department of Transportation. "MDT fully supports the parade, we know it is a tradition and we aren't out to end the event. But we have to make sure it is done with safety in mind." MDT and the Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce are asking for everyone's help to make this year's parade safer for everyone. Parade participants ar...

  • Dog run and museum at next Council meeting

    Seeley Lake Community Council|Jul 4, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - Like every month except August and December, the Seeley Lake Community Council meeting Monday, July 8 will be filled with a number of interesting and pertinent presentations. Cheri Thompson, president of the Historical Society, will start the agenda with a report on plans for the extension of the Seeley Lake Museum. She will be followed by Laura Wood, who will present her idea for a dog run in town. Next will be Claire Muller, executive director of the Seeley Lake Community Foundation, who will talk about recent events at the...

  • Cause of Lincoln man's death released

    Roger Dey, Editor, Blackfoot Valley Dispatch|Jul 4, 2019

    LINCOLN - Two and a half months after local fisherman James Savstrom, 70, was found dead on the Blackfoot River west of Lincoln, the state crime has lab released its findings in his cause of death. Information provided by Lewis and Clark County Sheriff/Coroner Leo Dutton listed Savstrom's primary cause of death was Atherlosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease, also known as hardening of the arteries. Hypothermia was listed as the secondary cause of death. According to Dutton, Savstrom's heart disease...

  • Noticing

    Rev. Carrie Benton, Pastor - Mountain Lakes Presbyterian Church|Jul 4, 2019

    2 Imagine two people coming into your meeting. One has a gold ring and fine clothes, while the other is poor, dressed in filthy rags. 3 Then suppose that you were to take special notice of the one wearing fine clothes, saying, “Here’s an excellent place. Sit here.” But to the poor person you say, “Stand over there”; or, “Here, sit at my feet.” (James 2:2-3) 23 After a long time the king of Egypt died. The Israelites groaned under their slavery, and cried out. Out of the slavery their cry for help rose up to God. 24 God heard their groanin...

  • Explosive 1995 Fourth of July

    Skylar Rispens, Pathfinder|Jul 4, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE – Seeley Lake resident Don Larson sat patiently on the barge as Seeley-Swan Search and Rescue Chief Gerry Connell towed him out into the bay to ignite the 1995 fireworks display over Seeley Lake. Larson worked to position the barge so that he would light the fireworks down wind from the barrels that contained the rest of the evening’s ammunition. From shore, Mike Baker, a college student in Great Falls, could see Larson positioning the barge. He could see multiple boxes with rockets that would patriotically paint the sky. “We watch...

  • Keep wildfire safety in mind during the Fourth

    Department of Natural Resources and Conservation|Jul 4, 2019

    The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation and firefighters across Montana encourage you to celebrate the Fourth of July with wildfire safety in mind. For many Montanans, Fourth of July festivities include celebrating with family and friends by enjoying campfires, barbecues and fireworks displays. While these summertime activities are sure to ignite good times, one stray spark has the potential to cause substantial damage. During these celebrations, take care to not start an...

  • Locals donate statue to Seeley Lake Community Foundation

    Skylar Rispens, Pathfinder|Jul 4, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - A bronze statue was rehomed and erected in front of the Seeley Lake Community Foundation building this past week. The 17-foot bronze statue depicts a mountain man on horseback and was created by artist Alan Derber. The statue was previously located in Big Fork, Mont. "My wife had seen the statue in Big Fork and always liked it," said Kirk Gladwin, avid Seeley Lake Community Foundation philanthropist. "We have great respect for the frontiersmen." Together, Gladwin and his wife...

  • Beargrass flourishing

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Jul 4, 2019

    Anyone driving north of Seeley Lake has been greeted with a sea of beargrass blooms covering the forest floor. Resident Jenny Rohrer, who lives at the Summit between Seeley Lake and Condon, said, "This is the most sensational year of flowers since 2003 when I arrived. Up here on the Summit they are tall and everywhere." While Seeley Lake resident Jeff Harrits agrees that this year is a spectacular year for the blooms especially starting just south of Lake Inez and extending north to Lindbergh...

  • Weisenburger sets sights on US Air Force Academy

    Skylar Rispens, Pathfinder|Jul 4, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - Sam Weisenburger, 17, joined the ranks of his piloting heritage by obtaining his private pilot's license this May. By doing so, he moves a step closer to his goal of attending the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) in Colorado Springs, Colo. Becoming a pilot wasn't always one of Sam's goals. Sam would tag along while his older brother Adam was training to become a pilot and he would often become nauseous. The more time he spent around pilots, the more the career began to...

  • Gary O. Overman 1957 - 2019

    Jul 4, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - Gary O. Overman, 61, of Seeley Lake, passed away on May 23 while surrounded by loved ones in Kalispell, Mont. Gary was born in Missoula, Mont. July 24, 1957 to Oliver Orville and Shirley Overman. He graduated from Stevensville High School in 1976. He moved to Seeley Lake, Montana to work for Pyramid Mountain Lumber as a Millwright for 43 years. He was the third of five brothers and sisters. He loved attending Montana Grizzlies Football games, hanging with his dogs Bobcat and Griz,... Full story

  • Nancy Jo (Morris) Norville 1963 - 2019

    Jul 4, 2019

    SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH - Nancy Jo Norville, age 56, passed away surrounded by her family Monday, June 10 at The Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. Nancy was born Feb. 9, 1963, to Leland and Betty Ann Morris in Lander, Wyo. She is the sister of Robert Morris, Tom Morris and Dora Tiel. Following her graduation from Seeley-Swan High School in 1981, she attended Prairie Bible College in Alberta, Canada. Nancy married Wes Norville on Oct. 5, 1985 in Cardwell, Mont. Nancy was a... Full story

  • Terrence Boyd Williams 1944 - 2019

    Jul 4, 2019

    POLSON – Terrence Boyd Williams, 75, of Polson, Mont., passed on at the Polson Health and Rehabilitation Center on June 12, 2019. Terry was born on March 7, 1944 in Anaconda, Mont. to Graydon George Williams and Momo Lind Williams. He spent the majority of his youth in Dayton, Mont. where his parents owned and operated the Dayton Store and his father was the postmaster. He graduated from Polson High School and the University of Montana with a teaching degree in mathematics. He married Sally J... Full story

  • Richard "Dick" Edward Reeve 1929-2019

    Jul 4, 2019

    Richard "Dick" Edward Reeve passed away on Jan. 26, 2019 at the age of 89. Dick was born on June 24, 1929, to Whitney and Marie Woodruff Reeve. His career in sales and management began during his early elementary years when he raised chickens for profit during the Depression. Throughout his life, Dick invested this attitude of self-motivated, entrepreneurial-energy to the good of his family and community. Dick and Margo met on a blind date while he was visiting Cal Berkeley. His letters tell of... Full story

  • Community Briefs

    Jul 4, 2019

    Fourth of July Bike Decorating SEELEY LAKE – Anyone with a bicycle, tricycle, wagon or scooter are encouraged to stop by the Seeley Lake Community Foundation building on Highway 83 from 10 a.m. until the parade to decorate their ride. All ages are welcome. Decorations and supplies will be provided. This is a free event sponsored by Faith Chapel. Volunteers will be available to help. Assistance will be provided for those who want to participate in the parade. The Kramers return to the Seeley-Swan July 4-6 The Kramers are returning to Seeley L...

  • Missoula County Outdoor Burning to be CLOSED as of July 2 Fire Danger Remains Moderate

    Jul 4, 2019

    Fire officials with the Missoula County Fire Protection Association (MCFPA) have restricted debris burning (outdoor burning) starting Tuesday, July 2. People who burned this spring should go check on their piles to make sure they are fully extinguished. While there are no restrictions at this time, we urge people to be careful with campfires and check for restrictions before recreating in Montana. Visit for more information. REMEMBER- Fireworks are prohibited on all state and federal classified forest lands....

  • Best of the Valleys 2019 Readers' Choice Award Winners

    Jul 4, 2019

    This is the third year of the Best of the Valleys competition sponsored by the Seeley Swan Pathfinder. Many businesses and organizations kept their title of "Best of" with a few new faces topping the lists this year including Pop's Place and The Filling Station. First place winners will receive a plaque to display in their businesses. Thank you everyone who took the time to vote and for supporting local businesses! Best Cup of Coffee Jitterbug Java at the Grizzly Claw Trading Company Second Plac...