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 By Walt Hill    Opinion    July 23, 2020

Let's focus our energy on how to fund the sewer

SEELEY LAKE - The preceding sewer boards have put together an amazing financial package to fund this project. It includes over $10 million of grant money, with approximately $6 million of loans in a package that will fund the building of the...

 By Walt Hill    Opinion    April 26, 2018

Don't Rock the Boat!

SEELEY LAKE - Finally, after more than two decades of effort by many members of the sewer board and managers, we now have a solid plan and funding in place for a sewer system in Seeley Lake. I can only express my heartfelt thanks to all who have...

 By Walt Hill    Opinion    December 7, 2017

Roll Up Our Sleeves and Work Together for the Common Good

SEELEY LAKE - You likely have recently received another letter from Don Larson (dba Citizens for Sensible Wastewater Solutions) telling you to protest the sewer proposal to build a treatment and collection facility in Seeley Lake. He notes first off...

 By Walt Hill    Opinion    December 8, 2016

Seeley Lake and the Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - To respond to the full-page ad from Concerned Citizens, let me address two issues: Is the ground water contaminated? Answer – YES. The fact that test results vary with weather conditions doesn’t change the fact that nitrates in high...

 By Walt Hill    Opinion    November 24, 2016

Vote YES on the Sewer Project

SEELEY LAKE - The very life of Seeley Lake depends on getting a sewage treatment system into Seeley Lake. This is not just rhetoric on my part. Seeley Lake cannot build affordable housing without a sewer system. Seeley Lake cannot progress and bring...

 By Walt Hill    Opinion    November 17, 2016

For the Good of the Community and Future Generations, the Proposed Sewer is the Best Solution

SEELEY LAKE - The sewer question is about to be determined for the future of Seeley Lake. Many letters have been written and alternate proposals suggested. I have attended sewer board meetings for the last ten or more years and have watched the...


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