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 By TJ Smith    Opinion    August 8, 2019

Meat industry under attack by Gov. Bullock's Executive Order

Meatless Mondays for your school lunch program? Meat grown in a petri dish from a foreign lab? These are questions we need to ask Governor Bullock. By his executive order, Montana is now obligated to advance the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement....

 By TJ Smith    Opinion    July 18, 2019

Act now against Bullock's US Climate Alliance Executive Order

What is the US Climate Alliance? It is a domestic group formed specifically to undermine President Trump’s excellent decision to pull out of the Paris Climate Agreement. Now, by executive order, part-time Governor Steve Bullock has undermined all o...

 By TJ Smith    Opinion    January 25, 2018

A Different Light on Cry for Carbon Tax

Primary greenhouse gases are water vapor, carbon dioxide, nitros oxide, ozone, CFCs, and HFCs. Of these, which is the most significant? You may be surprised to learn that it is not carbon dioxide, but rather water vapor! Just how significant is...


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