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  • Sacred Gifts

    Rev. Carrie A. H. Benton, Mountain Lakes Presbyterian Church|Jan 25, 2024

    I read a story recently about a woman who looked out her window and noticed something beautiful: sunlight glistening on moist leaves. Immediately prior to this, the day was very gloomy, as was her mood. But that brief moment of light reminded her of beauty and she recognized it as a sacred gift. I need this kind of reminder again and again. The reminder to lift my gaze and pay attention to all the wondrous beauty and goodness, to those moments of light breaking through, moments of kindness unexpectedly shown, moments of joy and laughter...

  • Our shared power in Christ

    Rev. Carrie A. H. Benton, Mountain Lakes Presbyterian Church|Nov 23, 2023

    One of the primary struggles for the church today is an ancient struggle. This struggle is about power, specifically, confusion about divine power. Divine power as displayed in the life and ministry of Jesus is about power with others, power for others. It has a communal focus, a shared-life-together focus. The purposes of divine power are to create, to transform, and to liberate. This divine power is most evident in the person and work of Christ. The person and work of Christ is concerned with abundant life for all. Christ’s power, divine p...

  • Rumor has it

    Rev. Carrie A. H. Benton, Pastor, Mountain Lakes Presbyterian Church|Jun 30, 2022

    “Disaster comes upon disaster; rumor follows rumor; they shall keep seeking a vision from the prophet; instruction shall perish from the priest and counsel from the elders.” (Ezekiel 7:26) During a recent Bible study, someone shared a rumor about me that was going around among church people in the community. As one can imagine, all sorts of feelings came forth: hurt, anger, sadness, desire for vindication and truth, as this sort of rumor could be damaging to one’s credibility. Ultimately, the m...

  • Lenten Letter

    Rev. Carrie A. H. Benton, Pastor, Mountain Lakes Presbyterian Church|Mar 31, 2022

    Dear Mary of Magdala, I hear your voice sometimes, softly, almost like a whisper in a dream. Straining to hear you I close my eyes, try to block out all the other voices that want to tell me you're just a whore, therefore easily dismissed. Whore or not, you were there at the cross, when so many others fled. You were there in the garden seeking your teacher and friend. You were there in the Upper Room, I am sure of it, praying, united with the other women, the disciples, and with his mother, who...

  • Shining new light in the Swan Valley

    Rev. Carrie A. H. Benton, Seeley Lake, Montana|Jan 6, 2022

    I want to express my deep appreciation for the Pathfinder’s coverage of the article, “Bringing the church to the people,” from Nov. 25. In my time here in Seeley, I have had countless conversations with locals in bars, restaurants, coffee shops, etc., who have expressed similar sentiment about the pain that traditional types of churches have caused them, their families or others they love. The perception a lot of folks carry is that church people are judgmental. Unfortunately, this has too often been true. Churches are meant to be gathe...