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  • DNRC firefighters currently battling several wildfires near Seeley Lake

    Kristin Mortenson, DNRC SW Land Office, Fire Prevention Specialist|Aug 11, 2022

    SEELEY LAKE - Approximately 200 lightning strikes over the Missoula area within the last 24 hours left their mark. Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation firefighters are currently battling several wildfires near Seeley Lake as a result. Missoula County is in EXTREME Fire Danger which means fires of all types start quickly and burn intensely. All fires are potentially serious. Firefighters are anticipating more lightning-caused fires to appear throughout the next several days...

  • Fire Danger raised to Moderate in Missoula County

    Kristin Mortenson, Community Preparedness & Fire Prevention Specialist, DNRC|Jun 30, 2022

    MISSOULA - Due to increasing temperatures, reduced precipitation and drying vegetation, wildland fire officials with the Missoula County Fire Protection Association (MCFPA) have raised the fire danger within Missoula County to MODERATE, effective immediately. When fire danger is moderate, fires readily start in open, dry grassland and will burn and spread quickly on windy days. Most wood fires will spread slowly to moderately. Residents and visitors are asked to use caution, especially as they enjoy the outdoors this upcoming holiday weekend....

  • Prepare, Prevent and Protect what you love

    Kristin Mortenson, DNRC Community Preparedness and Fire Prevention Specialist - MCFPA|Jun 9, 2022

    We never know what the upcoming wildfire season will hold for us but we do know one thing: It will come and fires will burn. It is inevitable, especially in this beautiful, historically fire prone area. This can be hard to remember when the grass is green and growing, the balsamroot is blooming, and the larch are awakening. But now is a critical time to prepare for wildfire. As June slides into July it is also an important time to remember to do our part to prevent human caused wildfires as well...

  • DNRC working to contain Anderson Hill fire near Garnet Ghost Town

    Kristin Mortenson, Community Preparedness and Fire Prevention Southwestern Land Office|Jul 15, 2021

    MISSOULA - The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) is working to contain the Anderson Hill Fire located one mile southeast of Garnet Ghost Town in Granite, Powell, and Missoula Counties. Under Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation (DNRC) wildland fire protection, the Missoula Unit of the DNRC Southwestern Land Office responded and is employing full suppression strategies. There are values at risk-evacuation orders and warnings are being issued....

  • Fire danger dropped to Moderate, open burning remains closed

    Kristin Mortenson, Montana DNRC Fire Prevention|Oct 1, 2020

    In response to recent moisture received, Missoula County Fire Protection agencies are lowering the Missoula area fire danger rating to Moderate, effective immediately. In moderate fire danger, fires can start from most accidental causes, but the average fire is of moderate intensity. Fires will still spread rapidly in open grasslands on windy days and timber fires will spread slowly to moderately fast, but in heavy concentrations of fuel they can still burn very hot. It is important to note that the danger of fire is still present and with a...

  • Fire danger increases to Very High in Missoula area

    Kristin Mortenson, Montana DNRC Fire Prevention|Aug 20, 2020

    Hot, dry conditions continue to dry fuels out, prompting Missoula County fire protection agencies to raise the fire danger in the Missoula area to VERY HIGH, effective midnight Aug. 18. Very high fire danger means that fires start easily from all causes, and immediately spread rapidly and increase quickly in intensity. There are no new fire restrictions at this time and outdoor burning by permit remains closed in Missoula County as well as in our surrounding counties. Residents and visitors are urged to use extra caution when outdoors due to th...

  • Firefighters keep fires small

    Kristin Mortenson, Montana DNRC Fire Prevention|Aug 13, 2020

    SEELEY LAKE - The Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation Southwestern Land Office ended last week with 17 fires--12 lightning and five human caused. All are controlled or out except for the Elevation Mountain fire, which started Aug. 8 in the BLM Wilderness Study Area southeast of Greenough. The Elevation Mountain fire is approximately 10 acres, burning in heavy timber with a lot of dead and down fuels in rough and remote terrain. Two hot shot crews, the Deer Lodge prison crew, six jumpers, and a few overhead are working to...

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