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  • Spirituality by Any Other Name

    Ken Silvestro PhD.|Apr 28, 2016

    In the previous article, I introduced the idea of strange coincidences known in psychology as synchronicity. In order for the experience to be considered synchronicity, the strange coincidence has to be meaningful to the person. Synchronicity was described as an expression of a personal myth or a collective myth, helping us to see and understand the active myths in our lives. Recall that our unconscious (hidden) psychology is responsible for creating the myths. Actually, it is the center of the...

  • Personal Myths

    Ken Silvestro PhD|Dec 10, 2015

    In the previous article, I introduced myths as expressions from our unconscious (hidden) psychologies. Since both myths and dreams are expressions from the unconscious, providing us with meanings, it is very important to understand that each expression is critical for the development of the individual and the human species. Understanding that myths are personal expressions in our lives, however, is not easy to grasp. Actually, myths are not just expressions in our lives. Instead, myths are our...

  • Myths and Psychology

    Ken Silvestro PhD|Nov 12, 2015

    Often myths are considered nonsense, fictional and useless, and simply lacking in value and truth. As a result, most people can't understand why myths are worth reading. Myths tell us stories that are filled with images. The stories might be descriptions of the beginning of the world, the beginning of the universe or maybe the beginning of human nature. These stories are called creation myths. Different cultures throughout the millennia all created myths – creation, as well as other types of m...

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