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  • Fast Charging Station, residential charging pilot coming to Seeley

    Kelsey Lodge, MEC Manager of Communications and PR|Apr 14, 2022

    With gas prices on the rise, the motivation for consumers to consider an electric vehicle (EV) is steadily growing. Some of the top automotive manufacturers have already announced an end to production for gas and diesel engines in the near future. As drivers seek out ways to shield themselves from rising gas prices, utilities are already preparing for the coming transition to the electrified future of motoring. You might ask, why should I consider an EV? The list of benefits to owning an EV...

  • Ovando celebrates 20 years of Old West Christmas Nov. 26

    Kelsey Lodge, Missoula Electric Cooperative|Nov 25, 2021

    OVANDO - They say that the magic of Christmas lives in the hearts of the young and old – a magic that's cultivated over the years from our holiday memories. In the small town of Ovando, Montana, this magic has been gifted to locals and visitors alike for more than two decades. What began in the early-2000's as the Old West Christmas Fest, an event created by local business owners to drum up business for the once sleepy town, has blossomed into an event that draws attendance from the western half...

  • Missoula Electric Cooperative's approach to wildfire prevention

    Kelsey Lodge, Missoula Electric Cooperative|Aug 5, 2021

    The Western United States has experienced some of the most devastating wildfires in the nation's history. In 2017, the wildfire season brought unique challenges for Montana. Not only was it exceptionally hot and dry over a longer period of time, but fires burned across the entire state. A record 2,420 fires burned over 1.4 million acres that year, making it the most destructive fire season to date. As we enter fire season, it's important to understand the prevention methods your Cooperative has...

  • When the power goes out

    Kelsey Lodge, Missoula Electric Cooperative|Aug 27, 2020

    If you're a native to the area or a longtime resident, you may have an outage routine that happens during a black out at your home... check to see if the neighbor's lights are out, fetch some flashlights, call your local power provider, unplug major appliances, etc. But have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of a power outage? From small scale and planned outages, to widespread, multi-day outages, the team at Missoula Electric Cooperative is equipped to handle it all. Each outage...

  • Educating members and helping them to feel bright at home!

    Kelsey Lodge, Manager of Communications and PR at Missoula Electric Cooperative|Feb 6, 2020

    At Missoula Electric Cooperative (MEC), a focus on member education and engagement is increasingly gaining momentum, by way of a recently developed Member Education Program. MEC's General Manager Mark Hayden tasked his Communications Department with creating a program to better educate their membership and further enhance and promote offerings that were already in place. "When our team began structuring the program, our goal was to use the abundance of resources already available at MEC. We...

  • The POWER of Solar

    Kelsey Lodge, Missoula Electric Cooperative|Nov 15, 2018

    Missoula Electric Cooperative's (MEC's) community solar program, "Solarshare," provides members the opportunity to acquire renewable solar energy from cooperative-owned solar arrays. Community solar programs, like Solarshare, are a smart and simple way to enjoy the benefits of solar power without the installation or maintenance costs of a home installation. The Solarshare program reflects MEC's commitment to developing locally-sourced renewable energy programs. Today, MEC's portfolio is...

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