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  • Kudos to the sheriffs

    June Swarvoski, Seeley Lake|Feb 8, 2024

    Kudos to the sheriffs here in Seeley Lake. Finally cleaning out the riff raff. This town is now a little safer. Now the sheriffs need to go after the speeders. Once they pass the motel going north their speed increases and that's a 35 mph zone. Even the traffic coming from Condon, they don't slow down and the truckers are the worst, constantly using their jake brake. Speed limit in town is 25 mph and they're going faster than that. Best idea is for cameras to catch the speeders. Colorado, Arizona and Texas, along with California have cameras...

  • Boy Scout Bridge 2027 Repairs

    June Swarvoski, Seeley Lake|Dec 14, 2023

    What a bunch of B.S. How many and who are getting the kickbacks at $5.7 million? Has the Montana Department of Transportation thought about all the traffic coming off Boy Scout Road? How many accidents will happen at that intersection, someone trying to make a left turn or getting rear ended? Speed and not paying attention always contribute to accidents. Highway 83 out of Condon and beyond drivers think they’re on the Autobahn. Are new speed limit signs or flashing lights to slow down going to help? And are the citizens of Seeley Lake going t...