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Farrar responds to Marshall's letter

In my guest column printed in the Jan. 27 and Feb. 3 issues of the Pathfinder, I only addressed the issue about whether the vaccine can prevent transmission – it cannot. My letter said nothing about the efficacy (reducing symptoms) and safety (as y...


Can the vaccine prevent virus spread to the non-immune? Mucosal immunity and vaccines

Last week in The Pathfinder, I described the Systemic Immune System which mostly serves to protect internal organs and is activated by clinical infections of all sorts including the COVID virus and intramuscular vaccines such as the COVID vaccines....


Can the vaccine prevent virus spread to the non-immune? Understanding "Compartments" of immunity

It is very awkward for me to do this, but to lend credibility to what I have written below, I will state my background. I have a doctorate degree in immunology from The University of Notre Dame. I spent a career at the National Institutes of Health...


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