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  • Farrar's response to Marshall on vaccine conspiracy theories

    John Farrar Ph.D., Ovando, Montana|Mar 31, 2022

    Mike Marshall’s opinion letter last week was directed at me regarding “vaccine conspiracies.” He started by referencing “flat-earth theories,” “Israeli space lasers,” “windmills causing cancer,” “microchips in vaccines,” etc. Was Marshall implying that what I have written is in the same category as evil windmill theories? Marshall wrote, “What you won’t see backing [the theories] up are hard facts. What you won’t see is a citation to a study or straight factual report that documents and backs up the assumption in the theory. No supporting e...

  • Response to Mike Marshall's fearmongers, VAERS and vaccinatnion rates

    John Farrar Ph.D, Ovando, Montana|Mar 17, 2022

    Vaccine Fearmongers: Is the pot calling the kettle black? Recall, in the early days of the pandemic, it was government spokespeople who drove the whole population into a state of panic and fear. The “authorities” understood early that COVID was dangerous (severe disease and death) for only a small slice of the population (less than 10%); mostly older people with “co-morbidities”. People under the age of 60 in good health were at very little risk of serious disease or death. If you excluded the COVID-“susceptible”, more people died from the flu...

  • Can experimental COVID gene vaccine alter the human genome?

    John Farrar Ph.D, Ovando, Montana|Mar 10, 2022

    For 200 years every vaccine that has ever been given to humans has contained the virus, bacteria or protein (THE ANTIGEN) against which the immune system responds by the production of antibodies. It is time-tested technology. The COVID vaccines (Moderna and Pfizer) are the first exceptions to the use of this standard antigen vaccine process. The COVID vaccines do not contain antigen. The COVID vaccines contain a man-made GENE (RNA). They are “gene therapy”. The injected RNA hijacks the human cells’ protein manufacturing system which produces th...

  • Correction to last week's letter

    John Farrar Ph.D, Ovando, Montana|Mar 3, 2022

    While the injection of over 10 billion doses of a virus gene into hundreds of millions of people using a technology first used in humans in a small-scale clinical trial less than 10 years ago and without any long-term safety data is undoubtedly the largest and most risky biology experiment ever conducted on this earth; I must admit that I inadvertently failed to use the government-approved terminology for “EUA” in my response to Marshall last week. The official term for the FDA’s authorization for the use of this gene therapy in the Unite...