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  • Fielder's Response: The experience and skills I bring to PSC District 4

    Jennifer Fielder, Thompson Falls, Montana|Oct 29, 2020

    Have you noticed the political foes who spread rhetoric accusing me of supposedly horrible things never provide any evidence? If I had actually advocated the outlandish things they claim, where is the quote? Afterall, I’ve made hundreds of social media posts, written dozens of op-eds, given presentations all over the country (which are video recorded and posted on the internet), given dozens of media interviews, spoken on the record during legislative hearings at least 1,000 times and released thousands of requested emails. If I had said anythi...

  • Fielder exposes Missoulan's flip-flop

    Jennifer Fielder, Thompson Falls, Montana|Oct 22, 2020

    On Sunday, Oct. 11, the Missoulian endorsed me with the big bold headline: “Fielder is who PSC needs now”. Among other things, the well-reasoned endorsement acknowledged my “willingness to stand up to powerful interests.” Indeed, I have bucked the flow of big government and my own party at times – including my support for allowing all viable energy sources to compete in the marketplace and my strong stand against corruption. The Missoulian described me as “a fiercely independent thinker and a no-nonsense leader.” I analyze facts and put peopl...

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