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  • Say NO to CFPB's new debt collection rules

    Genoa Carver, Billings, Mont.|Jul 25, 2019

    They told us if we got educated then we would see success in our lifetime. Yet, more than 44 million Americans have student debts that combine to total $1.5 TRILLION. Having to borrow money for school is stressful enough; abusive debt collection practices don’t help. And now the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is seeking to increase harassment of graduates over their debts. The CFPB wants to allow debt collectors to email and text consumers without consent, while also calling up to 7 times per week per debt. This will disproportionately a...

  • Stop Pay Day Predators

    Genoa Carver, Billings, Mont.|May 2, 2019

    It can feel like a cosmic event when the government actually does something right. So I was excited to hear that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau was rolling out a new rule to protect consumers from payday loans. Then, when I heard that those rules were being taken away before they even got out the door, I was furious. This represents everything people hate about Washington. The CFPB used to look out for the little guy, but now they are putting the profits of a sleazy industry with deep pockets above the needs of working people. Payday...