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  • Feds unlikely to mandate sewer

    Franny Trexler, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Apr 23, 2020

    SEELEY LAKE - It’s great to be able to call beautiful Seeley Lake my home. But I also see a community severely impacted by COVID-19 and I am afraid that it may be years before we are able to recover economically. Yet the Sewer Board continues to move forward with a very expensive plan to implement the sewer system. This proposal impacts only a small percentage of the Valley’s human population that are contributing nitrates to our ground water and does nothing to address the tons of nitrates contributed by environmental factors such as ani...

  • Petition for referendum rejected on false arguments

    Franny Trexler, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Sep 26, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - I want to alert the 182 people who signed the grassroots petition opposing the mandatory hookup to the sewer system that your voice has been disregarded. Moreover, my constitutional right to formalize opposition through a petition for a referendum has been rejected on a number of false arguments. I feel that there is a great deal of resistance to the construction of a centralized sewer system – the most recent vote for the Seeley Lake Sewer Board members is clear proof of the opposition. For example, challenger Troy Spence r...

  • "Lucky 500" needs to ensure waste water is treated properly

    Franny Trexler, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Jun 13, 2019

    SEELEY LAKE - I wrote a letter a couple of years ago urging the “Sewer Board” to change its name to the “Seeley Lake Water Improvement Board” because that is what it should be addressing. Since that time, the Sewer Board continues to push forward on the sewer, as if this is going to solve all the problems in the lake. From the meeting I attended on Thursday, it sounds like it will cost $40+ million to build the system, which will ultimately serve some 500 homes and businesses. The number $83,000 per lot was tossed around. In addition, the annua...