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  • Let's Establish a Standard Against Anti-Semitism in Montana Courts

    Cory Swanson, Candidate for Chief Justice of the Montana Supreme Court|Jan 11, 2024

    The horrific terror attack against Israeli on Oct. 7 revealed that anti-semitic hatred has a disturbing foothold in the world. Equally troubling is what has been exposed in our own country in the months since: the shocking tolerance (encouragement even) of antisemitic, genocidal hatred on college campuses. Like so many Americans, I was stunned when the heads of three elite Universities testified before Congress and refused to unconditionally condemn calls for genocide against Jewish people. This ugly episode shone a light on the creeping,...

  • Thank You Senator Daines for the Water Rights Protection Act

    Cory Swanson, Townsend, Mont.|Jan 23, 2020

    In water law, the most important thing is getting your water. Montana’s Senator Steve Daines has introduced the Montana Water Rights Protection Act (MWRPA) to provide federal settlement of the water rights claims of the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT). Without this legislation, Montana will face years of expensive litigation and uncertainty in trying to resolve these claims and will assuredly reach a worse conclusion. This is due to the undeniable fact that in water law, a settlement allows you to structure protection for j...

  • The Conservative Case for the CSKT Water Compact

    Cory Swanson, Broadwater County Attorney|Mar 15, 2018

    In 2015, the Montana Legislature ratified the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (CSKT) –Water Compact with Montana, which settled all water rights claimed by the CSKT under the 1855 Hellgate Treaty. This was the culmination of a multi-year negotiation process between Montana’s Reserved Water Rights Compact Commission and the CSKT. The final step in the implementation of the CSKT Compact is ratification by the United States Congress. The federal ratification debate has inevitably turned political and now many of the arguments over thi...