About Seeley Swan Pathfinder

The Seeley Swan Pathfinder is a great weekly source for coverage of local news, events, meetings and area specialties that affect the Clearwater, Swan and Blackfoot Valleys. Our goal is to provide a forum to highlight accomplishments, unique ideas and generate discussion about important issues affecting our communities.

We approach the paper from the readers' perspective asking what would be interesting and important to our readers and tailoring our coverage to questions and ideas that we hear. We passionately dig into issues that affect our area making every attempt to present both sides of the issues. We go to the source to uncover the facts and dispel rumors. Readers are welcome to submit letters to the editor to raise issues of concern or if they feel their view has not been represented.

The Pathfinder is currently owned and operated by Nathan and Andi Bourne who took ownership December 2012. We have three reporters on staff in addition to ourselves. Katie McGrew staffs our public office and manages subscription and classified sales. Joining the Pathfinder team in 2013, Condon resident Colleen Kesterson covers the Swan Valley and Sigrid Olson of Potomac focuses on the Blackfoot Valley. Betty Vanderwielen of Seeley Lake was hired in 2014 to provide additional coverage in Seeley Lake. Their different perspectives, writing style and circle of people they interact with have helped the Pathfinder round out its coverage.

The Seeley Swan Pathfinder office is located in the Bison and Bear Center in downtown Seeley Lake on Highway 83. Our office hours in the winter are Mondays and Tuesdays from 9:30am - 2:30pm. Starting Memorial Day through the end of October, the office is also open on Thursdays from 9:30am - 2:30pm. We can be reached by calling 406-677-2022 or emailing pathfinder@seeleylake.com

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