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By Ken Kronsperger
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

A Note to All - Wilderness Study and National Monument Areas


January 11, 2018

When you read about the things that Senator Tester is trying to do to the wilderness study and National Monument areas, there are some things you need to know.

• Wilderness study areas, were not, are not, and never were, supposed to be wilderness. These areas were to be studied by the appropriate agency and recommendations made to Congress as to the disposition of the area. The recommendation was to be made within five years of the WSA (Wilderness Study Area) designation.

The study that was done determined that that these areas did NOT meet the requirements for wilderness designation.

Twenty to thirty years later, these areas are still treated as wilderness. What the heck is going on?

• National Monuments, by law, are to occupy no more land than that necessary to preserve the Monument. It is difficult to imagine any Monument that requires a million and a half acres to secure its character.

When a government removes excessive amounts of PUBLIC property from our use it should be considered confiscatory and prohibited and the land returned to the OWNERS of the property, THE PUBLIC.

You will hear people with special interest in these properties say things contrary to what I have written, so all I ask is that you read a little about these laws and reach your own conclusion.

Then PLEASE call or write Senators Daines and Tester and tell them that WE, the public, want our land back!!

How many millions of acres lost to the general public are you willing to sacrifice before you say enough? The wilderness people want it all. In their world, if you cannot walk in, you are not welcome on YOUR land!


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