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By Andi Bourne

Pedestrian Crosses In Front of Moving Vehicle - Treated and Released


January 11, 2018

SEELEY LAKE – Around 12:40 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 7, Seeley Lake volunteers and Montana Highway Patrol Trooper Jacob Parks responded to a vehicle/pedestrian collision on Highway 83. The pedestrian was transported to Missoula and released later in the day. There were no injuries to the driver and passenger in the vehicle. Alcohol was not suspected as a factor for the driver but was for the pedestrian.

The vehicle was heading north on Highway 83 when a pedestrian tried to cross from west to east just north of Seeley Lake. The area was unlit and there was no intersection where he tried to cross.

Although the driver tried to swerve to avoid hitting the pedestrian, he hit him and went off the road getting stuck in the deep snow.

The driver and passenger were in town for the Seeley Lake Pond Hockey tournament.

“They made the correct decision to not drink and drive,” said Parks.

While Lifeflight was requested for the pedestrian, they were unable to fly due to weather. He was transported via ambulance to St. Patrick’s Hospital and was released Sunday.

“All seat belts were worn, speed was not suspected and alcohol was confirmed to not be a factor with the driver,” said Parks.

While no citations were issued to the driver of the vehicle, the pedestrian was cited. The pedestrian was not a player or spectator at the tournament.

“Thankfully it ended up not being as big of an ordeal as originally reported,” said Parks. “The pedestrian went home, with my understanding, with pretty superficial injuries. The drivers got to drive home that night and not go to jail. All in all, in my world, that was a good thing.”


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