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Grants Available to Seeley Lake Non-profits


January 11, 2018

SEELEY LAKE - As part of its mission, the Seeley Lake Community Foundation endeavors to help charitable groups in Seeley Lake fund projects to benefit the community. Their Small Grants Program supports the ever-changing needs of a community that is diverse and growing. The deadline for the upcoming grant cycle is Jan. 31.

Qualifying non-profit and public organizations are afforded the opportunity to receive assistance from the Foundation, provided the specified needs meet the scope and provisions as outlined in the grant application guidelines and process.

Grants will be awarded in amounts of $100 to $2,500, based on the availability of funds for the year. The grants will be funded from earnings from the Foundation’s endowment and gifts from individuals and businesses to the Foundation.

Applications that address one or more of the five areas of interest – Education, Arts & Culture, Community/ Economic Development, Natural Resources & Conservation, and Basic Human Needs – will be considered. Project ideas for each of the five areas of interest and other innovative proposals will be considered, if they meet the objectives for broad-community benefits.

In 2017 the Seeley Lake Community Foundation small grant program supported:

• Publication of a student creative writing project (Backroads of the Mind Vol. ll).

• Creation of video trailers promoting Seeley Lake tourism and In the Footsteps of Norman Maclean Festival.

• Scholarships for two Seeley Lake students for Montana natural resources camp to share concepts of stewardship and sustainability.

• Funding Phlight Academy for Seeley Lake Elementary middle school students to promote literacy and foster creativity.

• Bringing in instructors for Blackfoot River Discovery Day regarding ecosystem dynamics and human activity and address Montana state standards for science and English.

Grant guidelines and application forms are available at the Foundation office in the Bison and Bear Center or on its website For more information contact the Foundation office 406-677-3506 or


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