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By Beth Hutchinson
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

A Solid Branding Message Emerges: "Seeley Lake-the Do Nothing Town"


December 7, 2017

SEELEY LAKE - Don’t get upset those of you pushin’ the “Do Nothing” methodology. I’m “just sayin.” Isn’t that the in-fashion colloquial expression used when people don’t want you to get angry with them for saying something to them that you know they don’t want to hear?

Ya know— “Just sayin” as in— “Just sayin’, Isn’t doin’ nothin’, payin’ attention to nothin’ and believin’ nothin’s wrong with all that undocumented PR baloney what got us facin’ such a distorted kind of wastewater project in the first place?”

HOWEVER, talking like that and behaving like that is not me, nor has it been the methodology or standard our country’s honest leaders have stood for over centuries. We’ve been told to take advantage of our God-given and Constitutionally-recognized opportunities to seek Truth and Freedom. And—not to fear speaking out to preserve sensibility.

Now, some so-called influential people—persons held in high esteem and representing high intelligence— have joined the good ole boys in encouraging the rest of us to be stupid, to remain duped by sewer propaganda and to be manipulated and led about by the noses. Could it be if you are ready to “Do Nothing” that you have been doing nothing to stay on top of the proposed sewer system all along?

This is effectively your last chance to recognize that the sewer project being sold so seductively to you is not the best option. You do have the choice/opportunity to hold out for something better—something that will not end up costing us and the state/federal governments (us) $35,000-50,000 per property in the end. Given that there are no engineering cost estimates or signed commitments for the financial support when it comes to implementing Phases 2, 3 and 4, the cost per property could be even higher.

Do you really think it’s OK to squander money just because the ones who want to spend it say it’s “free”? We, our children and our grandchildren will pay one way or another. Grants are not free money! By dangling them in your face, people who have special vested interests in having someone else solve obstacles to their personal plans and desires are focused on getting you to let a deceptive and costly sewer project ooze into existence. You will pay more “Doing Nothing” and letting the sewer slide through than for regrouping and establishing an accountable watershed solution.

Sure, “Doing Nothing” is a whole lot easier than fact-checking the PR output. It’s easier than taking the time to check and to prove accurate the research that active individuals have accomplished without grants and subsidies.

Have you noticed that critics of that competently developed research have not offered any evidence that it is defective? Nope, they just do nothing but make unsubstantiated accusations.

“Easy” and “doin’ nothin’”…are they really great ways to get ahead and to create a solid, secure life for yourselves? As much as we love our area and its amenities, there are numerous weak aspects and a strong tendency for a majority of us to do nothing to accurately identify and define those problem areas.

By holding out for a watershed solution, we could make ourselves healthier and more attractive to both tourism and sustainable development in many other areas. A better branding option to Seeley Lake, the Do Nothing Community is The Clearwater Valley: 100% Committed to a Sustainable Environment and a Collaborative Way of Living. Less easy perhaps, but more fun and interesting, as well as capacity-building in the realms of community coherence and economic sustainability. It’s affordable, too.

Don’t “Do Nothing” again; be accurately informed, be active and be a problem-solver rather than a pawn for special interests. Send in your protest letters/forms and start working on a watershed solution.


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