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AIS Prevention Grants Awarded


November 23, 2017

Photo provided

Clearwater Resource Council video crew filming first PSA on invasive mussels at Big Sky Lake.

The Missoula County Weed District, working with Seeley Lake's Clearwater Resource Council, was recently awarded two grants totaling $20,800 from the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation for work on the statewide campaign to prevent the spread of invasive mussels in the state. The Weed District will work with CRC to:

1. Create a media campaign consisting of a short film and four short public service announcements to educate the public on the steps they can take to stop the threat of invasive mussels, and

2. Plan an "Inspect Before Launch" pilot program in the Clearwater Chain of Lakes.

"The Weed District recognizes the importance of protecting our natural resources from not only terrestrial invasive species but all invasive species. Invasive mussels have the potential to really change Western Montana's water bodies both economically and ecologically. This media campaign and inspect before launch programs will help water users understand their role in preventing the invasion of aquatic species," said Missoula Weed Management Area Coordinator Lindsey Bona-Eggeman.

Starting in 2011, CRC volunteers and staff have been statewide leaders in creating a model monitoring program to detect Aquatic Invasive Species and testing for water quality in the highest risk lakes of our Clearwater Valley. CRC's Aquatics Director Joann Wallenburn said, "The state of Montana recognized CRC's proactive approach over the years, and we are grateful for their support. When you realize that virtually all the lake bodies in Missoula County lie here in the chain of lakes in the Seeley-Swan Valley, our vigilance in working with staff and volunteers to develop and maintain a comprehensive testing program on our lakes for all invasive species is critical to the health and economy of our valley and its residents."

When the film and PSAs are complete, they will be available for viewing on multiple websites and media platforms. The inspect before launch plan will be complete before 'ice off' in the spring of 2018.

For more information, contact Lindsey Bona-Eggeman, Weed Management Area Coordinator 406-235-4219,, or Jenny Rohrer, CRC Outreach Director, 406-754-0034,


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