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By Bruce Hall
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Let's Rename the Lake – and the Town


October 5, 2017

SEELEY LAKE - The trio opposed to the sewer should change their name to Citizens Against Sensible Wastewater Solutions, for that is what they’ve turned out to be. “Citizens for” just doesn’t fit their profile, though it’s typical these days to adopt a high-minded name – and then do the opposite. And while we’re seeking truth, as they say they are, let’s prepare for the last mile.

Many of the old warnings fit so well here and now; don’t [urinate] in your own pot, don’t [defecate] in your own mess kit. But if the trio dupes too many into protesting, maybe we should rename the lake – and the town.

I suggest Sh__ty Lake. Starts with an S, ends with a y, same number of letters as before; signs could be easily altered. And it would be so accurately descriptive. It might not be as appealing to tourists, but at least they’d know what they’re getting into (pun intended).

Who knows, many years from now when the trio and I are long gone, maybe the exodus will have reduced the population enough to allow lifting of Health Department restrictions. Maybe when only a few residents are left, land has lost value, business are gone and the algae bloom has receded, maybe the lake will return to its former health.


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